Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm not dumbbb eh!

Thanks Gladys (@Changdumbdumb) for making me look "Dumb" for 10 sec but I'm not actually! :)

Saw her twit saying that she's having... (See below)


"Me and my DumbDumb Brain"
"Dumbdumb thinks her DumbDumb brain haywire alre ): " - That's what she said.

So since I'm oh-well-so-so-so-caring, I anyhowly just replied her twits and ask her what's wrong. (Concern for a friend, that's it.)

Didn't think so much at that time what. Who in the right mind would think so much right? Hahaha...

Spoke to her in Msn and... ( See Below ) 


I got Pwn for 10 sec!

Can't believe that I fell into the trap of this CHANGDUMBDUMB girl so easily -.-! Was like wthhhh?

Read the Msn conversation properly. Squint your eyes or take a magnifying glass or whatever things you can do, just read!

I actually fell for her lame tricks lah! -.-

By asking her in the first place, I've already taken my first step to her "World of Dumb" le lo!

*I think my IQ and EQ are decreasing* Lol.. I'm getting more and more naive already! fuck.

Next time I got to think twice before concerning about others already just in case I fell into this lame trick again! Hahaha!..

Super super boliao and random entry! ;)

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SIMYEE said...

HEHE, update ur blog soon!
I used damn logn to update my damn long post. like 4months? LOL