Friday, May 14, 2010

Cosmosine Singapore

Wheeeeee! I should have blog about this for a very long time ago le! *Feeling so lazy tho...*

Dragged till now then blog, I think I deserved a kick real hard in my ass! Hahaha! Anyway, it happened on the last week of January this year.

So it's about close to 4 months later then I'm blogging this event out! Anyway if I don't say, nobody will know that it happened quite long ago right? All will think that it's 1 week ago or so. 

Heh Heh Heh...


Anyway, Thanks to Trixy for inviting me over to Cosmosine Event. It's a Social Gathering I suppose? 

When I heard about this event from her over MSN, she told me something about you'll be able to appear in Television... Mediacorp crews are coming over too!

And... we will be appearing in "City Beat" on Channel 8 and during the filming process, we get to see Bryan Wong and Kim Ng

I'm prettttyyyy nervous actually. Didn't really dare to say "YES, Count me IN" immediately because I've never ever expose myself to such media filming ever before. Feeling very nooblish and shy lah!

But eventually I did accepted her offer and went with her! :)


Appeared on Channel 8!! DID U SAW ME?

I know some of my friends saw me and some told me anxiously over MSN and on Facebook.

Now I know how powerful it is when you appeared on television even if it's only for a few seconds or minutes.

Too bad, when the show was airing on the television, I was in China at that point of time so I didn't watch any part of that episode :(

That evening of the event, was supposedly asked to head towards a classy Condominium at Newton. In the end, got lost somehow along the way with Andy (Oh yehaa, he went too!) . 


When I reached the apartment, I was greeted by a "surprise" which I can never ever forget in my entireeee lifeeee! Fuck. hahahahahaa...

There is this guy who fetched us from the guard house told me to enter this particular room and even said that there's nobody in the room and I was even asked to rest inside the room and wait for the rest to arrive.



This bunch of Masquerade girls sitting inside the room and stares at me when I open the door confidently! 

I blush immediately la duh! Funny mannn.. Wheeeee.. but it's quite awesome still! :):)


The whole event lasted at least 3 to 4 hours.

The theme supposely for that day was Masquerade, so everyone wore our mask and socialize around...

It was fun to talk to strangers with our Mask on so that nobody can recognize us! Muhaha! I spoke to some of the girls half-way during the events and I was mad shy at the start lor!!! 

But it's a little dumb ley, there are prolly around 20 of us plus the condominium unit isn't that huge, surely we can recognize one another right!? (:


Jiayi ( should be? )


Love this photo even though it's a little blur. Everyone in black! Heehee...


A closer up picture!


Guo Hao and Jiaqi?
(Sorry, I can't differentiate the twins till today! I see no difference in them!) Ha!


Group photooooo!


Another one! :):)

After the event ended, we headed for supper at some cafe nearby. Thanks to Cheng Xi who ferried us to the cafe with his classic ultimate lorry! (^-^)v



Was offered red wine by Cheng Xi... so...


Yupppp, just take a sip lor!


Cam-Whoring before our food arrives and really a big thanks to Cheng Xi for treating us supper and even ferried us all the way home! 

That's fabulous! :D

Also the chance of meeting Jiaqi & Jiayi for the 2nd or 3rd time and both of them are awesome people with many crappy crappy thoughts in mind! 

(Just that I still can't tell who is who) :x

Lastly, thanks Trixy toooooooooo! You're cool too! LOL!

Day ended just like that! xoxo........

Picture credits: Jiaqi & Jia Yi, Cosmosine Singapore. 

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