Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm back to the Sunny Warm Island!

Hello everyone!!!

Bah, I guess nobody wanna read this dead blog already, including me! I, myself haven't even enter this site for about a month already, kinda miss typing this bloglink! Haha...

Anybody miss me? :(

Anyway, for those who are viewing right now, thanks for viewing this blog once again, if you want to see what I've experienced about my china trip, head over to this blog!

As for the remaining blog entries, I will blog up once I find time, prolly few weeks time or so!

( Pictures are spamming like FREE and I'm lagging behind few weeks! ha!)

I'm having "Jet lag" syndrome right now as what Andy told me... I need time to re-adapt back and re-adjust myself back perfectly to Singapore real soon!

So sorry that I've ignore messages sent by some of my friends because my mind right now is moving really really slow, lagging like a 0.5MB ram... Currently I'm flashing back a lot about my China trip, so bear with me for these period of time!

I will be back to normal I promise.

Lastly, I miss china like mad just as much as I miss my "Lao Jie, Yasha" toooooooooo!


Influence by a great impact of my life.

A thousand miles to meet a perfect ring, nothing is impossible!

I really really really miss her and I hope the clock will stop ticking even just for 1 sec...

I will be busy for these few days, will be back real soon! *Twist*

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