Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bows and Arrows

1st Movie invitation by ever since I came back to Singapore few weeks ago! 

Was pretty awesome when I got the email saying that "we've reserved a pair of ticket under your name". 

Just when I've time to watch the trailer, it's the day of the movie preview already. Really busy these few days and I didn't really have the time to watch the full trailer.

So I anyhowly went for the movie, crossing fingers that I will understand the movie! :)


This movie left a great feeling to me as if I'm living in the Bows and Arrows era. 

We don't fight using Bows and Arrows these days right ya? Just a shot by a gun and you'll be gone. There's no need to even have a gun la! I'm Impressed by how they fought using Bows and Arrows!!


Robin is a skilled archer among the rest of his friends.

King Richard was later killed in a battle of bows and arrows by the enemy and shortly after King Richard's death, Robin travels to Nottingham (a town suffers from corruption), where he falls for Lady Marion.


Lady Marian, widow of the king's knight, daughter in law of sir walter, baron of Nottingham, initially she disapproves of him as a criminal but eventually they fell in love with each other after many incidents happened along the way! :)


King John took over the throne after King Richard's death and overtaxes the people and burned the innocents' homes when they can't pay up. 

In fact it's Godffrey who suggested to burn down the villages if they can't pay up in hope that the barons will turn against King John.

The law requires the church to collect the seeds from the people of Nottingham and delivered it to york leaving no seeds for the people of Nottingham hence robin decided to take back what belongs to the people.


Battles along the coastline between the France VS England and the archers were led by the King John himself and Robin. 


Ferocious battle between the France and England at the coastline. France was shocked to see England so united as they had expected England to be fighting among themselves! (Actually NOT!)


England won the battle at last after Robin shot a fatal arrow piercing straight into Godffrey 's throat killing him instantly! (yeah) :D

However after England's victory, King John was jealous about Robin's bravery so he turned back on his words and burn the treaty and declare Robin an Outlaw.

Awesome movie! Grab a bag of popcorns fast and you guys got to glue your eyes onto the Movie Theater Screen and enjoy this movie soon!

(Opens in Theatre on 13th May 2010!) 

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