Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mingling around with Web-Cammy!


I'm so happy to complete this newly done blogskin within 2 weeks. Awesome much! :)
Shall Blog more about this skin the next time round when I'm free.

As for now, I'm trying to get the "feel" of blogging using the new blogger template. The template isn't really that ready yet as I'm facing some coding problems for my comment box!!! ( Lazy to continue editing it anyway! )

So at the time being, DO NOT COMMENT ANYTHING! :):):)





Some web-cammy pictures for this blog entry so that it won't be that plain and boring to read ya'll? (:

Catch up with my next update soon! 

P/s: I haven't been updating much about my life. Will blog more about it soon. So yup, keep your mouse hovering over the refresh button! Wahahahaaxxxz... 

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