Saturday, January 30, 2010

What do you think?

Randomly came across this ridiculous picture tagged onto my friend's wall.

It's damn funny and every comments to it was like " HAHAHA-HAHAH...."!!

All the "HA" word with caps lock. As for me, I couldn't hold back my laughter
and I burst into laughter giggling hardly in front of the computer screen
like an idiot.

Seriously, nobody could imagine how evil my laughters were at that time.

Have a good laugh! :P


P/s: They are not blood related brothers! Both are just an ordinary student and
they do not know each other AT ALL!

The left guy is my friend. While the right one (FATTER), I DON'T KNOW HIM TOO!

Simply too random. =) =) =) =) !

P/s/s: Features 95% alike. 5% deduction due to the "Fat-Ness"

1 comment:

deph said...

HAHA! wahs, if yoo don't say..i thought this guy must be slim down damn loads !!!