Sunday, January 31, 2010

Countdown to year 2010!

31st January 2010 today, which means to say it's another 11 more months
to countdown for year 2011!! Pretty fast that a month has passed so quickly.

I'm amazed!

(Okeh, I'm thinking too fast ahead, well I guess some of you people are still
in year 2009, those blur blur sotongs especially!!!)

*Fingers pointing at some of you whom still wrote the wrong date! Eg,

( 15 Jan 2009 ) instead of ( 15 Jan 2010 )

HAHAHAHAHA! Really very hilarious when I caught people writing wrong date.

Give yourself a tight slap! TYVM! :P

It brightens up my day because of your "Dumb-ness" LOL.


Finally I'm able to blog about my countdown at vivo city.

I'm hell lazy to bring my camera along with me therefore I've to wait for such a long time
to grab pictures from my friends in order to blog about it!

All picture source credited to Jing Long! Thanks so much! :-)


At last, I'm able to catch up with some of my secondary school crazy bunch of friends
and celebrated the countdown together with them!

Mad fun however our "Used-to be" big group had shrink into that SMALL group.


Everyone's so busy and I can't figure out what are they "BUSY" with.



.... and that's me in year 2009!


Beng & Sy!


Initially our plan was to go marina barrage for our picnic, hooever entrance fees
are needed in order to enter barrage...

So on our second thoughts, we decided to head over to vivo city whereby it's more
convenient, airy and memorable place, most importantly, IT'S FREE!!!

[Sorry if I sounded like I'm a cheapo! Ha! But it's true what!! Not worth paying]


Our snacks!


Too hungry, can't wait any longer!

Our dinner: KFC


Sitting down by the railings eating fast food like some banglas!


Played some lame games, but hey! Lame games sometimes are quite entertaining
too if you are bored!!

Especially the "Earth" game that I played with most of my friends...


Trying to act cool & macho?!!?! (NOT)! Haha!



The groups are getting smaller and smaller! How Ah?! :(

I really missed those days when a bunch of crazy us went out together!

Easily we could have around 20 people going out at one time but now... it's totally
hard and difficult for us to call people out....
Sigh Sigh Sigh!

Nevertheless, I still have my.................



Without them, I won't be what am I today! The funny part of me, the crazy sight of me
and the "Bastard" part of me! All thanks to them! THANKS AH! Hahahahah! :)


Last picture is damn funny! Beng, you sibei extra la!! HAHAHAHA!

To say the truth, countdown is nothing! Not fun at all man... Everyone just wait
stupidly till 12am and the fireworks goes off... *POPS* then everyone just went off.

...and Jam the whole MRT entrance...

Afterwhich, headed to Delphanie's house for the night!


She had just moved into a landed property housing estate around Yew Tee area!
(Fuah, indeed it's a very huge house!!)

Played Mahjong throughout the night and drank a little bit of alcohol!
(Legal age to drink as I'm 18 this year! :P )


Happy us!




Mind you! This is a cup and I'm drinking apple juice, not soup!!


Big glutton eating!


There are more of us in her house! Prolly more than 10 of us! But...

Late comers are to clear the foods on the table before doing anything!

So we sat down quietly "w/o complain" and finished up all the food before going
upstairs to join the rest of them! (:


Last but not least,
for all of them! :D

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