Sunday, December 06, 2009

You can be as CRAZY as me!


Just 2 days ago I was told by Ash-gaga, Yz-gaga, Don-gaga, Andy-gaga
& Forest-gaga that Lady gaga just released a new song "Bad-Romance"!

Totally had no idea when the song came out because I'm not the type who
always update my playlist often!

They are all Lady Gaga's fan (I guess).

The moment I hear the song, "Bad Romance" , I was hypnotized by that song!!!

That night when I got home, I quickly googled the song and downloaded
it immediately! Wahaha!

And the whole night/next morning I kept repeating the song over and over


After hearing the song over and over again, I started to memorize the song

So I started "RWARH-ING" whenever I speaks.

Really like "baby talk" because I know nothing except "raH-Rwarh-rarhH"

Simply love Lady Gaga's dance step in the MTV!

( I want to learn the dance step because it's so beautiful and synchronized! )

*Anyhoww dance also very nice leh, how magical her dancers could be.


My imgination went wild and I decided to record myself singing together with
the song! ( PLUS ACTIONS OF THE RWAR -.- )

I'm not going to post up my video here!

It's not going to bring me any good advantages by posting here. LOL! x)


Tries after tries... I'm making myself looked stupid here...

SOON, I went crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

(P/s: If you don't know me, I'm forever crazy and mad! HAHAHA! )


Fucking got processed by Lady Gaga and I'm the one and only
" Boy GAGA" right now!
Muhahaha! *Roll eyes* (:


"X-rated Msn conversation with...

Take your time to read this list of conversation because you will
get high while reading, trust me!

You people will love the emoticon for sureeeeeee! (Sticks tongue out)







... ANdyStorm!"

There's much more interesting contents of the whole conversation however I shall
not reveal more.

I'm nice, only showing, me , flashing those emoticons to him and not him
flashing the emoticons to me, because it will be even more worst if I were
to go on further! Jumps! :D


I designed those!

I came up with those designs as part of my module that I'm taking now.

Exams are coming now, which means I have to practice on drawing
those designs again!

More or less forgotten how to use the software already! HOW HOW HOW! :(

I don't have the software because the copyright licenses belonged to the school!

ZZZzzzzZzzz.......!! Holy cows!


Pretty much loves given to my awesome Robot! Wahakaz!


Beautiful purplish bedroom!

I wish that I'm sleeping in this bedroom, I'll have no regrets with this arrangement (:


Caught this little friend few months back!

By now, I don't even think that this little friend exist already! Fuck you
asswhore for invading my privacy!

Meh!, don't you find it disgusting?

If you don't mind, I will abruptly end my entry here!

Getting sleepy and tired as day passed on... Old already! Lol!!

Don't say I'm always updating things that are overdue, shall leave the more
interesting topics to blog maybe the day after if I'm free!

Goodbye! ;-)

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