Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Journey with Nuffnang!


If you are following my blog regularly, remember I did an entry recently regarding
things that inspired me to continue on with blogging?

(If you are lost about what I'm talking, take a look at my November 09 Archives)

One of the item I did mentioned about was "My journey with Nuffnang!"

Surprisingly I've got to re-pen down what I've typed down previously before
so quicklyyy! Totally unexpected!

I've heard about Nuffnang only at late November 2008...

(Out of curiosity, I joined Nuffnang)


This year embarked on my very 1st year together with Nuffnang! Jumps! :)

If you were to ask me honestly, if I've any regrets joining, my answer would be
"NOPE, I'm too proud to be a Nuffnanger rather than having any regrets!"

The word "Regrets" had not even popped by my mind before! BOO!

No harm joining Nuffnang right?

In addition, we get to earn some extra pocket money if they have any advertisment
on our blog, whereby we will ask many different people to click for us!

P/s: It's not my practice/style to ask people to click for me!

Apart from advertisment, I get to take part in contests whereby there's attractive
prizes to be won!


"Singtel broadband on mobile youth plan" was the very first major contest that
I've taken part in.


I've tried my best for the first contest and the fun thing is...

After taking part in this contest, I've told myself that it's actually quite fun to
let my imagination run wild while blogging!

Since then, I'm hooked onto Nuffnang's contests!

(Eyes locked onto their website stalking if they have released any contest
or not, 24/7 NO JOKE!!!)

Addicted to blogging contests!!!

Other then contests, there's even real life event too!!!

My first event that I went was 6th Month after I joined Nuffnang and that was
Singapore First Flash Mob around June 2009!


Never expected that blogger friends made online could turned into real-life friends!

...and it was my first time meeting our very own Singapore Blogger Queen:


I was really really really excited because it's my first time attending such
major event!

All thanks to Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity to attend such events!

Indeed, flashmob was a very memorable event for me because it enters the history
of Singapore for having the very "FIRST Blogger Flash Mob"

After the Flash Mob event, there's a "Post flash mob event" held at ARENA!


I get to meet more friends too!!!

Apart from my current school friends, random friends, etc, I get to meet more
Singaporean blogger friends of different ages!


Not forgetting the first friendly Nuffie that I've met and spoken too!


Hahahaha! ( I believed all Nuffies are equally friendly too! )


Movie previews are something not to be missed out!

Nothing really interests me, but I get to go for FREE movies if I write up a movie

P/s/s: I'm writing this entry because I want to go for "Couples Retreat" Movie!
Soooo Lame! I'm blogging right now for the movies! Yet this is a very good example!


Monthly Blogger Gatherings too!

Not long, I was invited to attend Nuffnang Blogger's Blog Awards on 23th Oct 09!

I'm very honored to be the 1 out of 400 bloggers that was invited to this event!


Really have to thank my hard effort of coming up with creative blog post in
order to have the special invitations!

I slogged all day and night in order to come up with creative blog post. It isn't
really easy because it's very time consuming!


Besides blogging, I've got my own school matters and many other things to
take care off! Not easy to be a blogger...All of us are as busy as a BEE!! =)

Nuffnang Award was indeed a thrilling and tide-shocking experience!

First time attending a very formal major event?

Obviously I'm casting aside the "Flash Mob" event that I've mentioned on earlier
because they are 2 different things!

What I mean by 1st, was FORMAL EVENT.


This event has brought us bloggers closely knitted together again!

Get to meet more and new bloggers through the Award night!


How can I forget our Co-Founder of Nuffnang LTD when I mentioned about Nuffnang?

That's none other than:
"Boss Ming"




I really do... and I love everyoneeeeeeeee too! Wakaka! (:

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