Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Xiaxue; Everyone's reading it ( Proposal )

Hi everyoneeeeeeeeee!

As promised! I've surface out some time after sooooo long to blog about Xiaxue's wedding proposal!

( Well, though it's only 2 days... but 2 days seemed so long for me! Ha! "NONSENSE!" )

Aye' have been going around explaining to many different people about how awesome is my Couple Retreat movie preview with Nuffnang last Friday!

Makes me so lazy to type out what lor!

Whine and whine, like old lady you know? (:

Last time for you peopleeee okay?! GOOD!


Love this picture very much!

" I, Meldric Lim, Witness that... Wendy Cheng...."

Blah blah blah! You think what, speech meh? Hahhaha!! (Cut the crap)

For those who have seen Click network Xiaxue's Guide to Life, if you are observant enough, you might have spotted me in the background!


I believe that I'm the ONLY blogger who managed to capture the scenario using a digital camera!

Swear that everyone's face were frozen cold when they saw Mike coming towards us except for me!! ( Can't you tell that I'm lying? ) LOL


Totally unexpected...

Mike ( XX's BF) suddenly came into the cinema with many camera/video crews and proposed to her in front of many others!


Wendy's Mummy!

As I'm sitting just right in front of Xiaxue, obviously in my mind would be...

" why am I located in front of her, later I block her view how? I'm taller than her maybe by few heads! Later kena block by me she Buey Song come and say me how?"

Ya ya , you will never know when she will bitch about you! Scary you know!


Just as when Mike was walking towards my direction, I'm as equally as nervous as her!

Seriously there's so many camera/video crews behind him, somemore walking towards me leh!!!!

Hen pa leh! :(

Feel like running and hide my face but the moment came and Mike went down on his knees and say

" Baby, will you marry me?"

-No no no! :P

But for Xiaxue obviously will say "yes lah"! (:

Happy for her!

I've got Wendy's Engagement Ring Box with me right now!

I'm safekeeping it for her! Muhahah!!


Larry Jewellery!


Where's the RING?!??!


Don't bother asking me how I manage to get hold of her Engagement Ring box!


Asked her! And She don't want it! :)

I'm giving out....... Who wants????????????????????????????

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