Saturday, December 12, 2009

Only at Cathay!!!

Remember before that I've ever blogged about My amazing race?

Not long ago only, how can you forget it? (:

Alright, so after 2 weeks of the race ended, they sent us a copy of our certificate
and "Prizes"!


Here am I posing together with the certificate!

It states:

" Beyond Limits, a race to break and challenge your limits


A proud finisher of ECE Amazing Race 09
An event of Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) Division "

*For your information, I'm not from ENGINEERING SCHOOL!!!

I'm from Building and Environment (BE). The reason why you see it's an event
of Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) Division because my friends
and I joined other division's event. Blah!


I was mad excited about the prize when my friends passed me
this envelope and told me not to open until when I reached home.

Lawl!!! At that point of time I was so eager to see what's that inside so I
dig open a hole and peeped into the envelope straight away! Muhaha!

My first reaction was " Wah, so many movie tickets?!?!!?"

Errrr, ok?

I'm not really fascinated with the prize anyway... Because the movie
passes are only valid to Cathay!!! AND I don't usually watch movie at
Cathay! Why NO GOLDEN VILLAGE?!?!? :((

It'll be great if I have the same amount of movie passes for Golden Village!


But I went wild and started throwing/tossing/flipping the movie passes all
around my room when I got home....


S.t.u.c.k! ! ! ! !

Fucking Stuck!!! My hands couldn't reach into the bed frame and grab
the passes out!

Had to use some clippers to "Kiap" them out!


P/s: I've got many many things to blog but I couldn't find extra spare time to
blog leh! Can someone please EMAIL your time to me so I can have
extra time? (:

P/s/s: I shall blog after my common test which ends this Friday! ( Or maybe
during my common test, If I've time)

P/s/s/s: I'm joining Nuffnang's Asus Blogging Contest ( Part A ) !!
Let's have a fair competition; competitors! Hahaha! Wait for my entry to be
published between the period of 19th December to 25th December 2009!

Zai jian le ah!!

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