Thursday, December 17, 2009

Functions that outstand from other Gadgets!

Nuffnang Contest Entry
Contest informations: Part A - Why do I want the Garmin-Asus M20
Why do I want the phone so badly?
I've much love for this phone which makes me hard to type
them all out in words!
(If I were to put them in words, 1 blog entry ain't sufficient for me! Ha!)
Read on to find out moreeeeeee!! :)
Outline of this scenario:
1) Twin Brother is coming back to Singapore
2) I'm an inexperience newbie driver, so I'm counting on
3) Asus M20 display my current location "Where am I"
with just one click.
4) It shows a map and displays the nearest route to reach my
5) It leads me to my destination by "voice prompt" , turn by
turn direction that speaks street names.
6) Tells me about weather information!
7) Tells me about Traffic Details!
8) Tells me about my brother's Flight Time!
9) *Tardar* With the help of it, it can be my personal
gadget assistance!
Enjoy looking at my pictures because I took a long time to came up
with those wonderful pictures! LOL!
(Ignore some of my fugly photoshopped face because I'm too lazy
to re-do! Though I can do a better job) - Rushing this entry mah! (:
2 weeks ago...
2 weeks later!
How how how!? I've only got Asus M20 with me!
Nothing else!! Hope this phone will help me out this time!
I cannot be late to fetch my brother, I need to get there in the shortest
time possible, using the shortest route to get there!
Everyone hates them!
In order to cut down my constant "lateness" to reach my destination,
I need the help of this phone!
*Smile proudly!*
A picture view of my destination!
I'm heading towards the Airport and due to traffic congestion, I'm caught
up in a traffic Jam!
Asus M20 phone is what I needed at that point of time!!
Just 1 click and it shows me the location that I'm in!
The phone's function also includes leading me to my destination in the
quickest possible timing and the shortest route possible!!!
Didn't I just mentioned that I need these benefits earlier on?!
Very helpful right!!
THERE! *Points finger at the picture*
Asus M20's GPS usher in a level of sophistication never seen before
on a Windows Mobile Smartphone!!

The GPS functions can really resolved my problems easily! Now with
this phone, I feel easy travelling around Singapore when I'm driving!
Asus M20 also has it's navigation Voice Prompt functions which
caters to new drivers like ME to places we are unfamiliar to go!
This way with the voice prompt function, the phone can lead me to
the airport in the shortest possible time!
All I need to do is to follow step by step of the turn by turn directions
that speak street names, that's all!
Very user-friendly!
I like this phone very much too because it tells me about weather info!!
Eh, weather informations are important to me because I love going
out on a Sunny weather rather than a Rainy weather!
In simple words, the phone allows me to plan and estimate my timing
to leave my house and have sufficient time to make my way to the airport
before my brother's plane landed!
Traffic information becomes handy while I'm driving!
With just a click on the phone, it tells me clearly which road has
bad traffic jams and which roads are smooth...
Obviously I will choose the smoother traffic.
So if I'm rushing for time, this function my life Saviour!! Muhahaha!
As what I've mentioned in my picture above!
Come to think of it... Without the special functions of Asus M20, you
think I can reach my destination so quickly?
Without the help of it, I think I might just be circling my car round and
round in my neighborhood's carpark loh! HAHAHAHAA!!!!!
It's very handy, light weight and user-friendly!
Time has changed!
The usual iphone, blackberry ought to be swop with newly released
Asus M20 Smartphone which features on Windows Mobile Pro as
technology changes...
Venture out to try new mobile smartphone features ain't a bad choice right?
This sleek mobile handset packs lots of great features in a compact designs
so you'll have everything you need to get more done in less time.
The phone comes in 4 different colours!
My favourite colour at all times, "purple"! Too bad there aren't any
purple phones available! (Sad)
However phone colours are just secondary!
The main part of selecting a phone is...
Like the photosharing functions below...
Making full use of the Photosharing functions!
I really can share my love and joy with Asus M20...
Cam-whoring isn't the part to be left out when I have camera phone furthermore
I can even use the EMAIL functions and EMAIL my pictures to my friends!
Or If I'm lazy to upload my pictures to my computer, I can also save my photos in
my own email account and download the photos once when I'm using the computer!
Save timeeeeeeee!
It has a large screen view of both Portrait view and Landscape view too!
Very comfy as it suits which way you want to view your phone in! All you need
to do is to rotate the phone :)
Only some phones in Singapore has this functions, ASUS M20 is one of them!
And it comes with Qwerty touchscreen keyboard!
Finger-Friendly full keyboard along with the benefits of having a small form
factor numeric keypad alphabet is assigned to all 12 keys instead of just 8!
How mad awesome is that!?
Prefer the qwerty types because it resemble lappy's keyboard!
Can type and SMS faster!!!
Wifi high-speed internet features too!
I can surf the internet anywhere, anytime whenever there's any internet connection!
Can check my Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Email, Google and even MSN!
Just like a mini portable handy "Laptop" to me!
Crazy Twitter-user (like me) will benefits from this because we can check our
twits anytime so long as there's wifi signal and we do not need to count on Ipod
Touch to serve the net already! (Jumps!)
How mad awesome can this phone gadget be!
Can experience desktop web-experience with full HTML browser too!
All in all, I would say that the web experience with full HTML browser is the
best of the best functions!!
Because.. I loves surprises...which it appears to be this:
I won I won I won!!! * Shakes butt*
Oh is it? Hahaha But the more I see this picture, the more I like this function!
Can check my email even when I'm out.. Hope that this "virtual" image will
transformed into reality! Muhahaha!
(Flicks hair)
Picture credits: To whoever's picture I used. I can't possibility name
all because I used quite a number of pictures and I'm confuse
which is which!

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