Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I totally have no idea why out of the sudden, I'm fascinated by Tattoos.

Long ago wanted to blog about Tattoos however time is running after me,
and I'm chasing for time.

So that explains why it's so random of me stirring this issue about Tattoos
out of no where! Blah!

I'm thinking of inking a beautiful Tattoo onto my leg like this Yoda below!

P/s: This is not an advertorial, I'm blogging randomly!


Cute right?

Must agreed with me because of all Tattoo designs that I've ever seen, this is
the clearest design of all! ( At least I know what they are drawing -.- )

Rather than those chao ah beng's tattoo... 1 whole lump on their back,
only morons knows what they are drawn and written!


I adore cute little tattoos inked on people's skin and stuffs.

At least it makes sense and picturesque out clearly what's written/drawn on it.

Hen Ke Ai! (:


Pinned out quite a number of beautiful artwork.

I love the creative, fresh and cartoonic designs!



(Erm, what's this cartoon character uh, Tweety bird's gf? Old school cartoons...)

Some tattoos are beautiful whilst some are totally not!!!
It's too fugly if you wanna ink scary tattoos or ink on different limbs!

Makes you look 101% stupid!


I don't really like this type of tattoos whereby you inked on your 2 limbs...

Because like I always say, if one day suey suey your limbs were to get
chopped off or involved in any accident, your tattoo will become so

It's realistic, something like... you tattooed your bf/gf's name onto your body
and if one day breaks up, it will be meaningless..

Bloody stupid to do that!

I rather you commit suicide and die straight then doing stupid things! LOL



Not bad for a girl but it's very bad for the guys!

Guys better get some hardcore tattoos, not these type so soft..


Hide your tattoo for what! Show it the the world, our pride! :)


Don't ever do this!!!

You know you look like some low-class Terrorist???

You might get arrested for terrorism activities if you are in the Middle East!

That's for sure! Tsk!!

So many cute little cartoons, just ink any of them also nice whattttt...!

Stop creating opportunities for others to pick on you, bound to get laugh
or criticism by friends instead of compliments.

Scary Tattoos



Scary right!!!

Hahahaa Oh man! I can't stop laughing like a mad cow ...

I'm wondering whether if the person's face look like that not... hahahah!!!


Shorten your life by 100 days if you ink this...

(High risk of ending your life straight away, *shock you to death)


If you want to put, put this wolf tattoo.

I suppose this is innocent enough and more appealing to everyone.

No objections against this! Wahaha!


Makes you looked more muscular!

*Guys should go for this!

I don't know if I'm thinking too much or not. But to me it seemed that the tattoo
enlarged your biceps by a lot.

Makes you look stronger and stronger in that sense.




You are not living in the age of Hercules period, so why bother to waste
your time to ink that!

Howeveeeer, I've got to agreed that the designs are unique and eye catchy!

Full body Tattoos

Should try this! Catfish full body tattoo!


Well, I couldn't find the completed tattoo from this website...

Anyway I just grab and throw the uncompleted tattoo picture here lah!

Just too lazy to find anymore!

I'm busy ok, my time is not for searching these pictures every seconds...

I believe the outcome may be quite beautiful like the picture below


For tattoo like the picture above, I think it's quite nice leh!

Not bad not bad... The colours gives me a very "comfy" feeling of the
sea aquarium with dolphins swimming.


I wonder how long they took to did the full body tattoo...


I think this will take a longer time!

Because the tattoo artist has to smell the person's smelly ass front and back
inside out in order to complete!
And the whole process takes a very long time! Not 1 day, 2 day for full body.

For whatever I have mentioned earlier on, there's a more disgusting tattoo
I've ever seen... prolly in my world life... or maybe no?

Because it's quite common nowadays... for lowly shitheads to ink something
ridiculous on.................





Their fucking face/head!

For those who inked on their face/head, they simply just can't think properly!

It's indeed really very wasted because they don't even treasure their face.

I bet their brains are not cater for thinking straight! such a wierd taste...


He seemed so depress like a living zombie corpse...

Seriously lah! His face is badly disfigured with piercing and tattoos, so turn off!

Just get me a chopper, I really fucking wanna chop down his head...

Seriously I feel like puking. Not that I'm the solo soul who is commenting on his
living zombie corpse, I can tell from his face that even he himself has given up on
his fatal life already, so what's the point of living you muthafark!

Will just contribute to land pollutions .....


I heard a loud exclamation! Plus some gossiping behind here...

Guys, just FUCK him straight!

Looked like some pedophile sadist, his presence in my blog is so disturbing.

Count himself lucky that he's still able to appear on my blog, um-uh, just wondering,
whether if he's alive or dead yet?

If I'm his hater, I would have wield on a well-sharpened knife and chase him
streets after streets so hack off his bloody muthafuck head.

Plus the tongue.... Nabei! *Vomits*




I have this temptation to ink tattoos onto myself but I'm still considering
madly deeply whether should I put not !

Obviously not like those 3 muthafucks above that look so gross lah!

But since I've promise my daddy not to ink any tattoos EVEN in future
when I'm an adult! sigh sigh!

Once it's tattooed on, it's permanent already! Even if I want to remove,
I shouldn't even have put it now right, make sense?

My friends are going to Ink next year! I'm so tempted!

Ok birdies, I'm not going to ink you!

I shall be a good boy and listen to my dad...

MUAHAawwks!! :D :D :D

(Picture credits to whoever that took those pictures)

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