Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unglam Sight of me (Rare to see!)*

Adventurous me! Yay!
In short, I can say I'm in ♥ with ECE's Amazing race!

I've maintain an enthusiastic spirit throughout the entire race and rather much
cooperative with the rest of my team members! :)

It was freaking AWESOME! Totally enjoyed this race that was conducted
throughout the Entire Singapore!!! Jumps!

P/s: My team was the last team to depart and the 3rd team to arrive,
cool right!


I think this poster looks cool! Don't cha think so? :D

As I mentioned above that the race was conducted throughout the entire singapore,
which means to say it's not only within one sector of Singapore, it's really the
whole of Singapore!

I've broken up the places location that we went into simpler bits and bytes so
it will be easier to see!


Ngee Ann Poly > Changi Airport > RedHill Botak Jones > Vivo City


Fountain Of Wealth > Ngee Ann City > Toa Payoh


CCK Lot 1 > CCK Park > Ngee Ann Poly

How's the location of the race?
Convincing huh!

The location may seemed " woaaah, so near " but along the way we stop for
a while to have our lunch, taking public transport, break etc...


Public transport itself could kill us and used up pretty much of our precious time!

The places are so far apart and we have to take Taxi + MRT + BUS you knooooooo?



Let's start our adventure with my 3 other team members!

Jiale, Shuning, Jaslyn & Me!

The very very very first stop is the stop that is the most demoralizing stop!

Changi Airport!!! Crazy or what?!?! ZZzzz..


All the way from Ngee Ann campus to Changi Airport is a very far distance leh!

So torturing and the travelling time is killer! It took us 1 hour to reach our


On the way inside the skytrain heading towards Terminal 2.

Since there's time to camwhore, why not! Later part of the day we didn't take much
photos because we are running around doing stations activities like mad!


After the Changi Airport, we didn't take photos until we reached Ngee Ann city.

Ngee Ann city is the exciting part of the entire race.

We were asked to paint some Camo onto our face and ask random strangers
in Orchard to help out part of our task given by the station masters! :)


Unglam sight of us... In town somemore!

Super paiseh can!??!


We have to follow the strokes of how we gonna draw the Camo. That's sick! hahaaaaa

Must have 3 stripes on each side of the face then a green slash by the side and 2 fangs
on the chin!

Blah! Draw on the spot, run around orchard road with the unglam face!

I don't know how the hell did I gathered so much courage to walk around town with my
Unglam face! Spoil my reputation only.

Uh-uh! Woo-laalaa! :D


Eh, luckily Jas saw her friends walking past us so we quickly ask them to help
us out with our task! *Jumps*

Thanks so much girls!

That was funny, just look at our beautiful heartshape on the blank piece of paper.

Pretty heart shape uh?


I love this camera effect!!!


Random pictures came along the way too!

Saw this chicken in one of the Public HDB Carpark!

I thought chickens run about in Kampong? Why carpark?

P/s/s: I had a hard time capturing this chicken because it runs like a national

P/s/s/s: I've been wondering to myself, does chicken flies??????
Cause I saw it flapping it's wings leh!!! =/

Unglam moments of us during the Race

You won't see me in this type of facial paintings when I'm out.

I won't embarrass myself, that's for sure!

But this race has no choiceeeeeee!


I know I look like some Mickey Mouse but somehow and some reasons
it totally ruins my facial complexion with these dirty things inked onto my face!




We went to many many place after town with the Camo still on our face!

Did quite a number of activities and our last station was Choa Chu Kang Park!

Cabbed back to school campus and we cam-whore a while before we start to have
our dinner!








Hahaha! I love this picture a lot!

All of us are like those jail birds with something covering our face.
( not to expose our identity )


You can never see the "jailbird" taking photos so happily despite we're in jail
except for us..


Sexy bo?


Dinner ended and everything ended.
Soon it's time for the result of the Amazing race.

My team actually decided to go off even before they announced the winners of
the race because we know we won't win.

SET OFF LAST TEAM, how to win you tell me?!?!

That was what we were thinking at that point of time and we truely understand that
what we have gained from the race is the "FUN" and "ADVENTUROUS"
experiences which school lectures couldn't teach us that! :)

But I told them to stay on and see the results because by disappearing out of the
sudden, it just proves to other team that we have got no sportsmanship.

So we just stay on and listen!

15 teams in total and 6 teams were disqualified from the race and left with 9 teams!

At that point of time, we knew our team were hopeless and winning or losing isn't
an issue already!

Teams before and after us were receiving their prize up till 4th placing leh!
You tell me who's heart aren't beating fast at that point of time huh!

Everyone was anticipating for the top 3 winners lor!

Then the judge announced the TOP 3 WINNERS of the race..


Third team........... "SHUNING's TEAM"

FUCK DAMN! I swear at that point of time the 4 of us were Stun and shocked!

We didn't expect it! Seriously, believe me or not, WE DID NOT EXPECT IT!

We took like more than 10 seconds of hesitation before moving forward to receive
our trophies!

From this Race, I learned that "Nothing is impossible" slogan is indeed proven to
be true!

Who says last team to depart can't win huhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Hahaha! I can't be more proud than that moment I suppose...

Really really proud of my team!

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