Monday, December 21, 2009

Big balls, Small Balls

Wahaha! :)

I'm back from the 2 nights of "Night cycling" event with my poly mates!

It's fun! But we have to pay the price of having "Split bums", "Palm cracks"
and some muscle ache after the whole event!

I saw AH-GUAS (Bapoks) in Changi Village as Changi Village was one of
our station stop! :))

* I think I'm the most excited to see because I've never see before*

My first time experiencing such situation during midnight and I am able to see
some "INTERESTING" things happening!

Will blog about it soon.

Meanwhile in order to keep you guys entertained, I shall quickly blog
about my Bowling event which happened 2 weeks ago!


Groups are determined by the friendship band colours

I can't remember what's my actual group colour because I exchanged my
original colour with purple colour!

I think is yellow? Unsure still...

Yup! It was held at a Bowling Alley near Farrer Park! Don't know the name too!
(Pardon me for my bad memory) ;P


I took the small balls, Weight 9,10! (Orange and Green ones)

Cause I can't handle heavy balls as I'm not a bowler! (:


My big name! Ha!


The Typical (not so) bowling posture you must have!


Neither Big balls nor small balls now...

It's colourful balls! *Whooops*!
I know my title may sound a little ridiculous but I'm trying to say bowling
balls have bigger balls which weight 11 and above.

While smaller balls weight 10 and below! :D

Don't get it wrong!!! NOOO! Don't think likewise! BLAH!


Ngee Ann Polytechnic BE SOCIETY FTW! :)

P/s: I'm so mad about Haloscan service that has upgraded to a paid service.
Which means to say, I need to pay in order to upgrade my comment box into ECHO!

P/s/s: Echo is more fuglier than Haloscan! WTF! Don't know if I should Upgrade not.

P/s/s/s: Shall hunt for some other free comment box service because I believed
not everything that you pay will be good. Sometimes free service are as equally as
good as paid service!

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