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Motivated to BLOG. Why? Reason!

" I'm 1 years old now "

Hei-Pee-Burf-Day "Bloggiee"

This blog has been with me for 1 year and today marked the
number 365th day that I've pen down all of my exciting events
happening for the entire year on this blog!

One year filled with many exciting events had passed very quickly
and I could still remember myself abandoning my old blog in
early August 2008 for the preparation of my O'levels.

Didn't have the time to blog during that period of time so I lost interest
in blogging after a short while.

Intended to quit blogging actually after my O'levels... howeveeeer...


... I shall start off with Why I'm so motivated to blog, How i get started
and How & caught my attention.


The reason for me to blog:

When I was randomly blog hopping around the blogosphere prolly
around end of OCT 2008, I came across "A BLOG" which inspires
me with with many interesting contents in it and the feeling of motivation
just came naturally for me to carry on blogging and "blog with ATTITUDE"


Yes, "Blogging with Attitude" is the main motivation that inspired me to
carry on blogging!

Ridiculous right? Hahahaha!

*Make a guess who I'm talking about *

After that, I've decided to surfaced out all of my courage and to
carry on blogging.

But before that I told myself: If I want to be an outstanding blogger
who is able to stand out among the rest of the bloggers in the
blogosphere, I've got to stop those childish kiddy blog contents.

(I'm not saying that I'm outstanding, but I know where I stand)

Examples of my childish kiddy contents in my old blog:

P/s: I'm criticizing my own typing as well as some other people's typing.
I can't stand it.


Dated back on September 10, 2006!

Happened a long long time ago?...

Can you guys imagine me typing these type of typical xiao didi's wordings
onto this blog??!

I bet I will look stupid if I type these words now!


Looks like some little girl's typing right?! Hawd My Gawd! I still
can't accept the fact that I actually did typed that last time!!! =/

I felt disgusted by these typings seriously, till today when I'm
blog hopping around I still see some GUYS from secondary
school / Polytechnics or even UniGrads type like how I typed
last time!!!

Girls still acceptable (even though I hate it) , but for guys.....
Fuck you!

I feel like tagging them and say " Please don't act cute for fuck sake,
type like a man, don't be a sissy who typed like a girl"

P/s/s: Anyway I don't have this habit to anyhow go around
and tag others!

What I mean was at the minimum, type something that others
could understand and not something like:

" Haissh, gooshh, woorrhxs, ii lurrbx euu"

101% Bloody disgusting !


Just a few words + few pictures and I call that a post.

Plus some mischievous pictures of me during secondary
school times...

Contents written on my old blog is very lame right!!!

Take a look at how magically I "Evolved" from my old to my new blog!

Steps taken to change my blog:

I'm determined to blog ever since I've got the motivation therefore...

I re-created a new blog and I decided to name it as
"" on 7th Nov 2008.

A brief info on how my blog link is formed:


When I just started this new blog, I'm very loss about what
I'm going to post on my virgin entry and I posted complete rubbish

Wahahaha! I tried to *Ahem* Mimic a little but I couldn't adapt
to such skills.

In the end I look like an idiot photocopying machine. Zzz...

Blogging is a form of skill, it's not easy to blog with good content.

If you have the talent in that perspective means you have,
if you don't means you don't.

Else if you tried hard enough to "promote your link w/o good contents,
you may end up getting criticisms, agreed?


My blogging comes in the form of: Argumentative, Fun, Randoms
Rants, Compliments... and slowly Events, Contest, Reviews,


Example of my Argumentative entry:


Concerns about the issue on why there are more female bloggers
than male bloggers.

If you people are observant enough, noticed that male
blogger's traffic is forever lower than female blogger's traffic?

Even top blogger XiaXue is also a female!!! Zzz...

How come many females are blogging and males are not?

Bawh! That's the whole idea about that issue.


Example of my Contests entry:


I took part in a handful of blog contest however I didn't win
any their top prizes :(

Picture above is the 1st major blogging contest that I've taken
part ever since I started blogging.

I'm hoping that I could win any of their top 3 prizes for my very 1st
attempt of blogging contest!!!

HOWEVER! Feeling a little disappointed that I didn't won their
prizes (except $50), but I knew I did well and impressed friends
around me

I even received compliments from them saying:
  • "For starter is not bad already!!"
  • " Jiayou, don't give up just because you didn't win
  • Try next time, will prolly win next time!"
Thanks a million!

I'm sure the value of the compliments are definitely worth
more than their prizes!

I proud to say I didn't give up at all!! *Nodd Head*

Look at the picture below!


Nuffnang Awards 2009 is a major Competition among many bloggers

I came out with creative ways to blog about it! *BOOMZ*!

Even tried for the $5000 video contest too.

Eventually I won! Only the invitation. I was happy enough. (:

Didn't won the $5000 because it's my bloody first time
making videos and I've totally got no ideas for my storyline
hence it's in a big mess =/

(Lack of experiences)

How is that possible to win for my 1st try huh!


Some stories to share!

If you don't find me naggy and you are interested to know, then read on!

Why did I even want to blog

I remembered one of the days during year 2005 when I'm in
secondary 1, many of my schoolmates are "into" the blogging trend.

Then one of my classmates introduced to me ""

I remembered vividly at that point of time, I commented one
thing about blogging,

" Blogging is for girls! Why should I even blog?
Guys should play game!!! "

Refreshing back in memories, I wished that those words didn't
came out from my mouth!



But WHYYY I said those negative remarks yet I still blog,
and the more I blog, the more I'm hook onto blogging!?

Simple reason: I felt left out from the cyber world because
all of my friends are blogging except me!

So I decided to create a blog in 2006 and try blogging...

Never did I expect till today... I'm still blogging.
* Roll eyes*

And I discovered something after I re-created my new
blog in year 2008...

"Blog Advertising Community"


Out of curiosity, I happened to came across this blog
advertising community by chance and I went to google

" What is Nuffnang"


At first I thought it was some picture banner that people
put it for fun to make your blog look nicer!

Then I started following the trend...

( I love following trends)

Something really stupid happened!!!!

Oh shit, I'm laughing at my naive mindset as well toooooo! =/

Here it goes.

I didn't know that placing nuffnang ads onto my blog requires an account.
So instead of creating an account, I took a screenshot of the logo instead!!!

After taking the screenshot, I literally just *piak* the picture onto my
sidebars and called it " I Serve Nuffnang Ads "


I kept complaining that WHY I'm not earning $$$ despite putting
the ads onto my blog...

  • *Switch tabs and checks at other blog*
  • "Ehhh, same as others, why others have money but not me"
  • *Quickly seek help from friends*

I was being mocked by one of my friends who saw that and she
laughed at me for the entire day! -.-

Very retarded can?!?! Lol.

Luckily there isn't many people saw what I did or else more people
will laugh at my foolishness!

Duh! I quickly take down that picture and sign up for an account
instantly! Ha!

After that everything went smoothly for me and not long after
I added the ads onto my blog, the credit in my account jumped
quite fast! :)


Prove prove prove!

My account worked, I didn't added the Ads banner for nothing now! ;-)

Then my Moolah came rolling in ever since I started to join Nuffnang community
late November 2008!

From then on, I realised that blogging is not only for you to pen down
your personal "happenings"

It could also expand your social circle of friends plus you get lots of freebies and
benefits from blogging too!

Let's keep my blogosphere clean and have fun readingggg!

I appreciate you reading whatever I've pen down on my blog! :)

Hei-Pee-Burf-Day Bloggiee once more!

♥♥♥♥♥Loves ♥♥♥♥

Comments? (:

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