Thursday, November 19, 2009

Come again another day!


Year end season has arrived, every now and then it's snowing
raining in singapore!

These few days I'm not feeling very well as I'm having mild fever and a bad
flu... As usual, nothing to be surprised of...

Whenever you see me, you will see hell lot of tissue papers surrounding me.

It's pretty much awesome huh! Christmas's snow ar! Hahahaa...

P/s: Tissue papers because I'm having bad flu, Tissue = Christmas snow!


I want to see rainbow!!!

Argh, nevermind! I've created my very own artificial rainbow of myself above
to remind myself that there's still hope for everything!!!

The world is not going to end ok?!?!

Something BIG HAPPENED in school today! :

We all know that it's raining for the entire month... until today it's still raining.

Whole Singapore are experiencing this, so don't say you don't know!!!

If you are following my twitter closely, I did mentioned that yesterday was
the worst weather I've ever experienced because it's mad freezing COLD!

(Inside the classroom and outside the classroom)

However as day passes, it's becoming worst to even WORSER!!


Aye! I just realized that my tongue is "split" into to halves w/o physically cutting it!

Err, the line is so obvious I didn't cut it!

Muhahah! :)

Today's weather was the worst/bad weather I've ever experienced...

The whole fucking school is flooded with rainwaters and many students had
to remove our shoes/slippers in order to walk around campus!

Can you imagine that?

I told my friends that we are no different from some Indonesian school because
Indonesia always experienced all these flooding and stuffs.. Haha!

I know it's damn bad to say that however I can't resist saying those negative
stuffs and the rain water is freaking, GROSS! EeWk! -.-

Seriously I think that the school better have a good water drainage system from
now on because from what I've seen today, I don't think we are able to survive in
such situation any longer if we stay on this way without doing anything.

The whole drain is clot up with rubbishes and there is no way for the water to
flow smoothly.

Additional thing that I want to say is, the design structure of school campus
totally is a disaster!

The design of walkway may be convincing that Ngee Ann Polytechnic is a
wonderful Poly, however when it's raining, even if you are walking underneath
shelters, you will still be drench like how I am today!

Look what I've Tweet:


The rain today is like a ferocious Tsunami you know?

Sort of "Hunting" for my life desperately! Zzz...

When I was crossing the road from Campus Block 56 to Atrium ( traffic light ) ,
I was dragged along by the strong current out to the open air road!!!

( Lightning and Thunder all ACTIVE )

FUCKING BAD EXPERIENCE! And it's surely not the experience that I wanted
to experience anyway!

My right slipper was washed away by the strong currents of the rain and when
I was retrieving it, my left slipper was washed away too!

You guys totally cannot understand how bad that situation I was in at that
point of time. =/

My whole body was totally soaked with dirty rain water!


Let's pray hard that tomorrow will be a better day!

The rain won't turned into a Tsunami and the movie of 2012 won't come true!!!

*Smiles*! :D

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