Friday, October 30, 2009

Post- Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards Contest

Hello everyoneeeeeeee!

First thing first, "Xie xie ni men" for making the effort to drop by this "Humble Blog of mine" (Joke)

Appreciate you spending your precious time to type my URL and enter my blog!

If you are able to see what I'm writing now, means guaranteed you are ♥ by me! :)


I need tons & tons of support from you all!!!

I'm facing strong competitors from many different people all over Singapore and I really really hope to win! Do I have you people's support? :D

All I need from you is to VOTE for me at the bottom of my entry if you appreciate my pictures!!!

This is how you vote at the bottom of my entry:


Very simple right?

Picture contest:

" I You Mummy!!!"

" Mummy, make sure your lens don't crack because I think I'm too cute for the camera "


"Yes Honey, You are by Mummy, Let me take a cute cute photo of you!"

" Stay still Hun! Cheeeze "




With those random captions, cute? No?... Nevermind you aren't suppose to say it's cute! Ha!

You are to vote for meeeeeeeee!

Blog post with the most number of votes wins a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS digital camera!

Want a better quality pictures in my blog? VOTE FOR ME!

Want my blog to be filled with interesting pictures? VOTE FOR ME!

Want me to win Canon PowerShot SX20 IS? VOTE FOR ME!

I'm trying my luck, if I'm fated, then it's fated. Else I won't force. Vote willingly! ;)

SPREAD Around to your friends!!! *pisssssssss*

"My Favourite Canon Moment!"

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