Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cemetery Night Tour during the 7th Month

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Before I continue this entry, I would like to ask you all a few questions first.

  • Do you believe in Ghost/spirits existence?
  • Do you dare to take up the challenge to visit the cemetery during 7th Month?
  • Do you have the guts to see such thing called "Spirits"?
  • Are you curious?!
  • Have you wonder whether all these spirits whether is "True" or "Fake"?
  • Dare to check it out?
  • 1 last thing: It's on September 11 2009 :)
Grab these " Odd-Looking cupcakes and here my story begins ...."


Ghostly Night trail with 24Seven and API ( Asian Paranormal Investigation ) during:

"September 11, 2009 | 9PM to 2AM!!!"


Me, Qian Yi, Weijie


Yup! It's only the 3 of us who went for this trail!


"Toad faceeeeeeeee?"


"My tired face"

Hey of course I looked tired lah!

Know during this period where am I not? In camp leh!!!

I booked out for a night just for this Night trail :))

Yah! It's just wasting my own energy booking in and out but it's like quite fun because I don't really get to expose to such "Activities much" so I decided to give it a try and hopefully I could share my experience with all my friends!

Our Night tour includes visiting to:

  • Bukit brown Cemetery
  • Old Changi Hospital
  • Lim Chu Kang Cemetery
These 3 places are enough to bring "sufficient" memories and experiences! :)

P/s: I don't have any pictures regarding my first stop at Bukit Brown Cemetery because I'm busying fighting against commando ants!!

Commando ants? Why commando?

- Because the Ants at Bukit brown cemetery has a special ability to bite you till you feel " high "


So sorry, no pictures for that! :)

Our second location was Old changi Hospital ( OCH )


Badly vandalised OCH


With scary captions!


A type of ritual done by the priest as they will go round hanging these papers


Disgusting Graffiti


Did I just saw " Sharon Sux! "? Hahaha!


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! ( Your Girlfriend )


Call me call me for that! :P


Call her call her for that! :P


JUST CALL LAH!!!! Still read for what?


Maybe if you call, this woman will pick it up leh!

Aiyah! So better don't!


I saw this by the window grill...


Let me know if you spot anything behind me! D:

Lim chu kang cemetery:


Tombs that belonged to abondon young children (Orphanage)


Some spititual stuffs


We are at HERE! *Points* Picture above!

"Chinese Cemetery Path 10"

UFO in the background!!

It's obviously fake right? How is that possible huh?

It's a moon anyway!

Oh whatever you say!

P/s/s: I didn't experience any ghostly encounter!! Well, heard from some of them they said that they saw "people" standing at the first and second floor of the OCH, I don't know how true is true. I saw NOTHING.

Photo credits: Thanks to Weijie!

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