Monday, August 31, 2009

Travel 5 years ahead within an hour!!!

It's really true for me to "Grow from 17 years old to 22 years old within an hour" you know?

Heh! There's no need for me to have any time machine device, I've to admit: I'm POWERFUL!

This entry is about Final Destination 3D (release on 27 Aug) and we all know it's M18, duh!

Which means to say I'm unable to enter because I'm only 17 years old! ( Still as young as ever :P )

So how am I able to travel to the age I prefer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!


See that red spectacle?

Just press a button and you will be able to travel in time!


Aiyoooo! Please lah, there's no such thing in this world alright? Whoever says them are all bull-shitting!

Yes I'm bull shitting now, it's soooo stinky! Yucks!

Okay okay, stop playing, get real now!

The reason what my title really mean was because since the show is M18, and I'm only 17, means I can't enter right? Soooo, obviously I have to borrow an Identification card (IC) from my friend who is above 18 lo.. and happen that my friend's age is 22 years old!

So for that day, I'm 22 years old :D :D

Shiok right....? Muahhahaha!!

Not me alone please, DON is 23 years old and QianYi is 18 years old for that day only!

So what if I cheated my age, you think I care? D:


Met BFF Michelle at Far East Plaza together with Weijie! :)

We had a great chat over there talking rubbish and I can tell you Far East's air con is Very COLD!!!

Winter came early this year, it's mad freezing cold even though I had my hoodie on!

*Smarter this time for me to bring a hoodie along however it's still so cold! Zzzz -.,-

Headed to Graffiti cafe with Weijie for dinner and we had "Wan Ton Mee"

Some snapshots of Graffiti Cafe:


This is so adorable, focus on the chubby cheeks!


No idea what is this. Condom?

P/s: I'm totally engrossed with "Condoms" because of my previous entry. Ha!


Red ranger! Hahahahaha


Our Wanton Mee Bill only $4 per bowl !!!

Very cheap ; classic meal and for your information, the noodle as well as the wantons are freaky delicious!

Thanks to the mayonnaise sauce because the combination of mayonnaise sauce and the crispy wanton, it taste fabulous to the max!

When you visit graffiti Cafe, remember to bring along your necessaries:

  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Liquid paper

So that you can scribble your fugly name everywhere or even draw your fugly piece of art!


What is this, crocodile?? Lizard??


I can tell that this is a pig! Like everyone's friend huh!


Pwn your ass!


Skull head?


Skull head balloon?! Wtf is this! so fugly. Zzzz


Advertise blog link?!?.....

I personally think that the person who wrote his/her blog link on this stool is so desperate because he/she is trying so hard to gain traffic by advertising their blog link on the street.

I totally have no objection with advertising on street because I know it's nothing wrong to do so...

No rule or guidelines saying

However in particular, the "person" who wrote them on the stool is fucking dumb!!!

By writing his/her blog link on the stool gives us a strong impression that the blog is damn low class please!


AT LEAST WRITE ON WALL OR TABLE where all the attentions are right??

It's so dumb to write on the stool because first thing when people arrive at that cafe, everyone will just sit down and won't bother to see what's written on the stool and the attention of graffiti will just be on the table and walls lor!

Write on stool... someone might have just farted and ignore the low class blog leh!

Pity him/her :)

What I'm trying to say is, advertise smartly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't advertise at the wrong place where people faced their butt onto it and what's more it's not even eye catchy! Boo!

Logical enough?

Random pictures:


My 12x optical zoom and it's still so clear!



See my power zoom of my camera? I'm standing quite far from this poster and I'm able to zoom till so clear! Loveee it!


Guess who?


Dcannx!!! For youuuu! :)


Stephen , Josh , HP , Don , Me , Weijie , QianYi

Final Destination 3D!

At first I thought watching it 3D would be cool because there's glasses for it and the effect would turn out perfectly nice.

But least did I expected it to turn out the other way! Bah!


Robot cop!




Hong Peng


Required spectacle to watch the 3D effects


What does this look like!

( Accidentally snap this picture )


Our greasy and oily spectacles!


Movie ended


We drank this.. at you know where?


MacDonald " t(-,.-)t "


Swee swee swee REMEMBER hor! :D

Bye bye!!

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