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Share with you people something! hahaha!!!! A bit dramatic awwwwwwww...

*But promise you will read till the end ok? It's pretty interesting yet wordy! You will laugh after the end of it and finds it very ridiculous! *

I felt that I'm like a little gangster today in school... The way I deal with people who really deserved my scolding!

Felt so chill after scolding a pussy today because I haven't lose my TEMPER for a very very long time! * A little devil inside me * :P

Scared right scared right? Muuuuaaaahhhhaaah!

My fierce scolding only applies to people who managed to trigger the core of my anger!!

Damn scary can!!

All of my friends were like *stun when I scolded that pussy loudly over the phone and they told me that I'm like a person who got possessed by some evil spirit, in short a total 360 degree change in the usual smiley MELDRIC! :D

Background of whole topic was....

One of my friend wanted to break off with her boyfriend but her boyfriend wanted an explanation from her and he insisted not to break.

This " explanation " thingy has been dragging for months and no solution is solved between the 2 of them, all they did was quarrel quarrel and quarrel.........

Until today
the whole group of us heard her screaming and shouting over the phone loudly and the guy just simply want a stupid fucking explanation!!!!!

It's super irritating man!

Just imagine a person kept saying he/she wanted an explanation, ONLY EXPLANATION without knowing what he/she really wants... Just following TRENDS or MOVIES and act as if they know how to define what is love and explanation all about!!!

Perhaps that pussy watched too much Korean dramas eg, wanting explanation from one another blah blah SO can break up ...

That's so childish. What century are we living in right now!!! -.-

So me decided to be the *BAD GUY* for the day and took the phone from her and spoke to the guy.

MUST READ CLEARLY! IT's damn fucking hilarious!

My phone conversation with that guy pussy

Oh by the way, he is 20 and I'm 17. Such an asssholeeeeee :D

P/s/s: It's 90% vulagrity here so bear with it awhile...

Me: EEHHH! Hello, why you keep disturbing my friend? You damn irritating leh!

Pussy: EHHH what, knnccb who the fuck are you?

Me: I'm her friend lah, why you don't want to break with her and forget it?

Pussy: NBCB! LimBei like leh, cannot issit? you are you to tell LimBei off! CB

Me: eh! whattttt LimBei? knn you mother ar?

Pussy: NB! what my mother? you mother die ar?

Me: FUCKER cb, don't make me angry hor.. cbk...

Pussy: Limbei song leh! nb you want find Taiji ar?

Me: Knn, you join which gang one? CB! come find me lah ! come clementi!!!

Pussy: why must find you, you find LimBei lah! knn


Pussy: LimBei song leh, cb u fucking asshole nbcb

Me: EH seriously, you want find taiji come clementi! No balls ar!

Pussy: CB! you come Toa Payoh now if you got balls

Me: You bark like a dog, you come lah since you dog!

Pussy: EH CB! U COME fucker

Me: *giggles* want come , come Clementi. Since you all want to break liao and you want your handphone back, come clementi and take. Don't want come, you can forget about taking it liao

Pussy: CCB! asking for a beating issit?

Me: hahaha!!! Like I said, want come, come CLEMENTI! CB

Pussy: Fucking ass! Come find LimBei at TOA PAYOH!!!

Me: OKAY ARRR! You ask me come one, NOW i come, you better don't run! make sure you bring your little puppies along with you if you are afraid... ( said in a gangster tone )

Pussy: NB pass the phone to her now!

Me: STFU LAH! Where is your exact location now? I COMING NOW! DON'T RUN if you have balls...

* Pussy Hangs up the phone *

* calling for like more than 10 times and he kept press away*

Friends: wtf he humji ar, knncb no balls one lah!

*spamming his calls like mad and he finally picks up*

Me: eehhhh cheeeebyeee kia! why kap humji ar? You Zui Tat Lan issit? ( Dicks stucked inside his mouth so makes him unable to speak )

* Pussy Hangs up the phone once more* This routine repeats like 4 times.

*spamming his calls like mad again and he finally picks up AGAIN! -.-*

Me: why you keep kap my phone? Humji issit?

Pussy: WHAT LAH! NBCB want fight ar come lah!!!

Me: I asking for your address right! I'm coming to find you now!!

Pussy: Pass the phone to her lah! LimBei want to speak to her!!!

Me: WHAT Limbei Limbei! you mother suck balls ar?

Pussy: LimBei song leh! NB! What can you do?

Me: FUCKER I so gonna go down to find you now. McPherson ITE right? BIG fuck right, better don't run when you see me! Retarded ..

Pussy: NB come lah! like I scared of you like that!

Me: YA i know you not scaredddd, but I'm hell fucking scared of youuu * leaking an evil laughters*

Pussy: LimBei confirm whack you till you no balls one!!!

Me: ya ya I so scared leh how? I hug your mother and cry ok?

Pussy: CCB!

Me: Anyway Your phone is here with me, you want, you get it from me. Don't want, you can forget about getting it cause I will be smashing it onto the ground on the behalf of her okay? I give you 1 hour and your 1 hour begins 5 Mins ago!

Pussy: NB! Come find Limbei!

Me: what Limbei LimBei! you like to say Limbei alot right? Cheeebyeeeee...

Pussy hangs up my call AGAIN!!!!!! Childish 20 year old kid.

P/s/s/s: Don't you people find it disgusting to have so many vulgarities in the phone conversation?

Really a big disgrace to McPherson ITE seriously to have such a low class human being in that school.

I pity that school not for the facilities or image, just that animal alone :)

That pussy is asking for his phone to be return to him upon breaking up with girlfriend and demand an explanation from her!!!

Heck it for this bastard...

Such a cheapskate person huh?

I have a good question for that asshole: How do you define manhood?

I can guarantee that he can't answer to my question truthfully because he isn't one! HAHA!


By the way the pussy nickname was given by all of us! Great! :D

After spoken to that pussy, I felt extremely guilty and at the same time felt that I have been a great help to the timid friend of mine seriously.

Guilty because basically I don't know that fellow well and I'm not in any position to judge him. However bullying a girl is something not very nice right?????????

DEMAND explanation and Handphone back some more! What a nerve!

If you people are smart enough to notice, he kept say " LimBei, LimBei" which irritates me a lot! fucking a lot! -.-



Ok back to my usual smiley MELDRIC mode now :)

Enough said about that guy because talking to him really makes me feel low class leh!

Quite wasting my energy, strength, saliva, muscles to type and to verbally scold that guy.

Simply not worth it!!

P/s/s/s/s: I have more than enough supporters in this argument! That's why I'm so confident to blog about this incident and pollute it with vulgarities!

P/s/s/s/s/s: My apologies if you need to open your mouth and comment " look at this vulgar 17 year old school boy, so kaypoh! "

Peace out :)

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