Saturday, August 22, 2009

Drive the Thumb!


I got something for you everyoneeeeee :)

If you think you are smart...

Read this text aloud fast.


The word THE is repeated twice...but did u notice???

I bet you will read it as " A bird in the Bush " for the first time, it happened to me!

After reading the caption below, I felt foolish! NB! hahaha

You got tricked too? D:

Sushi or what.

For those who are hungry right now, don't pollute your mind with food first because what you are going to see is something which cannot be eaten...

Can... you want to eat, at most die only lor!

It's so interesting like, duh, they looked yummy and they might appeared to be even more yummier than real dishes!

But the fact is, all of them are "Thumb the drive".



Sushi Thumbdrives

See the Sashimi?...
So fresh so yummyyy!

The prawn sushi.... wahh! freaking thumb licking lor, not thumbdrive....


This looks like chocolate cream puffs to me?

Fried prawn!



Have the urge to grab it out from the picture and stuff them into my mouth immediately!

Before that, squeeze some yummy lemon onto it, taste the sour-ness plus prawn taste..

When it comes together, it's so yummy! *salivate*

Without lemon where got niceeeee....

Maybe the lemon is also a thumbdrive too!


Vibrators??? Looooool!


Tim sum


Pig's asshole?

Someone tell me what's this! really got no idea what is this.. and don't tell me that it's thumb drive because I know it's thumb drive duh!



One look can confirm that the duck is fake for sure.

If you said that it's real duck, then means you are a big fat liar because when you eat duck rice, you got see the uncle slaughter these type of duck and serve you meh?

Fat liar yooooooou! :P


Thumb! + drive = Thumb drive

(This make some sense now)


So now do you still have some cravings for these food delights?

*cough, it's Thumb drive.. wakkkeee up Wake upp!!!

For those office workers who are very stressed up with their work, maybe got chance we can see them inserting the "Food Thumbdrive" into their mouth.

I'm so looking forward to see that you know? HAHA!!!

Those who mistaken it and stuff into their mouth will be a big laughing stalk to us by then...

Shall seeeeeee.


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