Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My phone has turned into GAY!

Today is a bad day for me because my contact lens fell off my eye ball suddenly!

Very ridiculous lor!

I was in the bus and there was this guy standing beside me and he refused not to move even a single inch although I was knocking onto him like several times already!

( Like Duh! The bus was moving and everyone was fidgeting so badly )



So end up my eye ( face ) have to face directly towards the strong air-con of the bus!

The damn air con kept blowing and blowing till my contacts are fucking dry and I find it irritating due to the "dryness" so i decided to adjust a little and blink it

Then to my horror, it came off from my eyeball after i adjusted it!

I guessed it was too dry and the contact stuck onto my finger and it came off lor

I didn't wash my hands and I touched my lens -.- wtf GERMS.....

Come on, tell me who washes their hand when they are in the bus? Obviously got touch many things like wallet, Ez-Link cards, coins, Mp3, handphone all these right?

Wasted the newly open contacts lor! Decided to throw it away! :(

Then I removed another contacts and rolled it into a ball and flicked the ball of contacts to the guy who refuse to move awayyyyyyyyyyyy!

Muhahahhaha!! Very pekcek lor!


My gay phone!!

Currently that's my phone's wallpaper!

I know la, once I blog about this "purple wallpaper" many would say it's international gay colour.

I don't care anyway! Want to say it's gay is it?

Let me be the first to say it's gay la...


I have added this application onto my phone's desktop so I could switch to silent mode or Normal mode easily!

Very shiok lah!


If I'm in the mood, I could also use facebook or youtube some videos when I'm bored using my phone! bahhhhhhh!!!

Multiply ar? Bit useless here!

I wish got MSN application however I need to download and I'm hell lazy to download! -.-

That's so crazyyyyyyy!

I love my gay phone now! Hahahaha!


My wonderful Economics Lecture Notes!

Creative right! Pasting stickers all over :P


My online quiz!

Anyhow do also can get 10/10! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call me "God of hugging Buddha's Leg"


I'm a hardcore fan of Manchester United!


I've got red jersey..


& black one...

I'm so jealous that Liverpool came to Singapore!

Why Manchester United didn't come to Singapore ? :(

Why why why...

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