Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What a small world !!!

I swear I didn't know that my neighbour was a Mass Communication Lecturer in NP

We are neighbours for around 10 years and I have never came across anything related to " I was a Ngee ann poly lecturer " from him at ALL!! So silent yet so shocking!

Not until today morning when I was wearing my NP shirt and I met him at my lift

He came to me and said, " MEL! you also from NP! WOAH such a small world, I'm NP lecturer in Mass Communication for more than 10 years and I thought you still in Secondary school "

My eyes was like shooting stunning expression at him! Ha, and I told him, yeah yeah what a smalllllll world huh, AND I am not in secondary school okay?! :)

He's a geek afterall!

pardon me that I'm a bit mad about this:

In my heart, i was thinking " woahhh Uncle with super BIG specs and old fashion type also can be MASS COM lecturer ar... SO power meh... I thought he is a ....

Blue-collar worker

Giggles with a smile. LOL

I think I'm mean! hahahhahaahaha!!!

P/s: This entry is so random, something to share with you people about me today!

P/s/s: Exam is next Monday and Wednesday! DAMMIT

P/s/s/s: I swear I going to start studying by today! Hopefully last min work helps me because I tried to prepared well for my O lvl but did not match up to my expectation! This is so unfair! So i will gamble this time round!! -.-

P/s/s/s/s: Yay! :) First time pass my mini test for "Total Facilities Management Module" 10 % leh! My score is 21/40! Lousy yet better than nothing! :) :)

Byeeeeeee everyone I'm off to do my "Economies" Tutorial 6!!!!

-_-" SIAN

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