Thursday, June 04, 2009

Follow me on twitter



Don't be shy! I know you all love me!


Since you all love me many many, why not follow me up on twitter NOW!!!!!!!!!

Get an account from " "


Once you are a regular twitter,
follow me! follow me! FOLLOW ME!


To follow me click on the link below:

Remember to follow me hor!

Follow me and I will love you more :P :P :P

You all can see my real-life activities update at random timings!:)

Good thing "tweetsg" is there for me so that I could update my happenings immediately using my handphone to sms! Since sms is free ( I assume ) to update my twitter, I shall update more often!

Happpy right?


Whoever is bored and would like to know my updates, you can either head straight to or come over to my blog under " Catch me Live " to really catch me alive!!!

Sometimes I do not have the time to blog, so twitter will be a wiser choice to keep you guys updated

Can even respond to my madness twit. Goodness! :D

The Americans are so "INTO" twitter, so why not Singaporeans like us to get our ass moving to Twit with them too?!

See you all on Twitter!

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