Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All gone, ALL GONE!! "Screwed"


Due to those stupid virus spreading from MSN recently, I have been receiving so many spams from different people via MSN.

It's damn irritating

"but I always ignored those, yet the viruses kept POPPING OUT!!!!!"

What the fuck lah ,
My lappy got infected with these stupid shithole virus and guess what?

I lost almost more than 50% of ALL my documents in my lappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel damn pissed right now because the virus has wipped out all of my documents from my C Drive and they won't even let off my D drive too. So 30% of my D drive was wipped out all clean by this stupid virus as a result I'm only left with the remaining pathetic documents in D drive and none in C drive! =.=

What should I do what should I do??
My pictures were all gone, lots of softwares, musics etc. were all wipped out!!

Furthermore, I'm extra fed-up because of my browser
( This post should be longer but the browser died on me suddenly)

My browser suddenly went off and what I'm typing previously before was all GONE!
Didn't auto saved , Don't know why and I don't want to know why.

Maybe these few days are indeed not my day :)

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