Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You guys forget about me right??

Just as I guessed so lah!

I bet most of you must be having a great time with your POLY life
Confirm guarantee plus chop, the guys sure scan for pretty girls in campus.

Ehhh! Girls as well LOR!


Before entering poly, most of my friends including girls will be like

" EhhHH, let's scan for chio bu during the first day of our poly semester lah, let's bio them. Then we intro intro lah... " and the commotion will go on and on with lots of laughters...

But after few days, all of us felt damn sian because there was barely any chiobu!!!
Maybe we pinned too much high hopes on it :D

Can I ask you guys 1 question?

Why most of us joinned Ngee Ann Poly and not other Poly such as Singapore, Temasek, Republic or Nanyang Poly??

I can reply you with this answer: - More girls -

Even my father could suddenly popped out this question out to me and reply the answer on behalf of me " Ngee Ann more girls right?"

To be honest, I could say not very true.

AIYAH! , Why am I always harping on girls , are they really important to us?
Not really la

*************Strike off Topic**************

What I am trying to say is, since now we all are split all over different institutes, please do keep reading my blog and do not forget me!! :D

You can forget about everything in the world and you must...

Always remember:

I'm quite satisfied with my blog traffic these few weeks but not satisfied with comments because my comments are getting lesser and lesser!

Do put in an effort to comment me & I will try my best comment you back if I have the time.

I know I know many people are complaining why did I add such a complicated comment gadget onto my blog " haloscan".

For the benefit of new readers, take your time to read out this " entry before commenting "
Like I say, it won't take up more than 1 min for you to comment :)

Don't be shy to comment about my article :D

Show you guys my new lappy's skin!!

I think I'm suffering from colour blind now

Tell me this colour: Purple or Pink?


When I saw this leopard lappy's skin, I was damn delighted! I thought it was purple

You tell me, when I see purple things, how can I just let go of it so easily right??

Some more is lappy's skin leh. So I quickly grab that piece of skin and handed over to the counter happily and wanted to get it sticked asap

Only after I purchased the lappy's skin, then I took a deep stare at it again and realized that it was PINK in colour! How dumb can I be? Maybe I'm suffering from colour blind. Pink/Purple also can't differentiate. -.-

So girlish skin! ZZzzZ

Even my classmates tells me that the skin is damn gay. LOL
I don't deny that :P

You see you see, tell you guys I'm very wierd nowadays!

Show you guys my new mouse!




Muhahaha~ Cute right?

I felt gayed after purchasing the lappy skin & this mouse

P/s: I have joined Ngee Ann Student Union ( Society ) & In-Line Skating ( CCA )
Do pop by and say hello to me :P

P/s/s: I'm struggling with my Physics lecture because I did not take Physics as my O lvl subject and I have NO FOUNDATION! *Yawns* I NEED HELP! -.- But none of my classmates could help. Nabei~

Bye folks!

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