Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rebonded-Me! :) Yay!

New hairstyle just nice before school starts!!!

I know you guys missed my fugly looking face right?

This time I cut it more or less like "Bangs"
I can't figure out why this type of cut are called "bangs" but I prefer calling them straight cut

Who the HECK created this stupid name "bangs" which have no meaning at all!
Straight cut sounds more better :P



I'm still not used to my new hairstyle


I can't stand my old stupid FUGLY hair.
So decided to make over a little to give you guys a shock!

Got shocked?

Aiyahhh! I think most of you will say not much difference"
But I think got difference leh? Quite flat for the fringe.


I simply love my sideburns because they are neater and suits me better before rebonding
Super Happy with the results!

Trying to act a cool pose here:


HAHAHA! super nerd! T.T


If you are observant enough, the fringe above my left eye are completely damaged!
All because of the bleach patches on my hair and now after doing rebonding the blond colour turns completely WHITE!


Damn sad can? =(
I should not have bleach my hair back in January this year if I knew this was going to happen!

Now I really fear highlighting my hair once more
(which I'm aiming for whole head blond but now giving a second thought and gave up the idea)



School is starting sooon!
Build Environment's orientation will start on this coming Thursday and Friday which means to say I get to see my classmates yay! Hope that I won't meet funny and weird people will do.

I'm going sun tanning and swimming once more tomorrow! I think I'm not tanned enough! :)

EVERYONE play Restaurant City! A Facebook game that everyone is addicted to!
I'm addicted to it too! ! !

Must try!

P/s: It's super wierd to see a post filled with all of my photos all over! :D But it's okay. Only 5 of them should be perfect!

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