Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun thing has not yet begin

"Mr Yellow" was the nick name given to me by my advisor Mr Aaron during the orientation earlier just now!

When I was called " Mr yellow", I was like... wtf why call me yellow. AND he told me that because I'm wearing so yellowish so when he wants to call me, it will be easier for him to do so.
*Stonning* wth

So far so good! I have met my classmates already!!

* I wore my new shoe today & I simply love it! Ocean blue colour! wahahhaaha

There are 24 students per class ; 8 males and 14 females! So delighted :P

First time in my life that my class has more females than males because during my time in secondary school, there are always more males than females lor! so unfair !!!!!!!!


This time round I assume that this is a payback time! Because in secondary school, I do not get to see any "chiobu" because all not chio de "*OPPS! This will offence many people" so might as well poly I will take this opportunity to get to know them better in my class or maybe outside class!

Sounds a little unfair right?

Too bad.
But then again, I'm not that bastard lah!

Just joking.


My classmates are super friendly ! Luckily there are no nerds in my class *Thank god!
Everyone is looking great! :P

New semester, new friends, new life, new learning environment

Very different from secondary school! Oh somehow I missed the classroom "Without aircon"
Now my classrooms & Lecture theatres are all fully air-conditional. The feeling is damn shiok can? But at certain times it can be quite cold when you are half way through your lectures!

For me today the instructions given was that everyone must be in the lecture theatre to watch some welcoming videos and I was freezing in the theatre!!! For fish seek I should have brought along my hoodie or sweater lor! zzzZz

The student leader told us to wear sporty attire so in the end most of us were wearing like PE shorts, FBT shorts and normal Tees. So we were like in an igloo and many of us complained about the temperature

Damn fun when coming to those ice breaking game!
Laugh till like there is no tomorrow~

Very interesting when knowing that my class is like those hyper type who likes to joke around :)
Feels damn good!

More will be updated tomorrow if I have time

*No pictures for this entry

Although I have brought my Cam along with me throughout the activities, I feel damn wierd taking it out and start snapping because I don't even know them and why should I snap a picture of them??

Err... maybe tomorrow or when school reopens, there will surely be a chance for me to introduce them right here!:)

* I feel hungry now =X

FYI: There are 2 RI students in my course but different class from me who both scored 4 points!!! Obviously they are like want to snatch place with us right?! I asked them and they told me that they wanted to experience " POLY life" -.-


what for?

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