Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've got to voice out certain things!!

I really mean it lor!
I'm utterly disappointed with the barbaric behavior by a malay teenage I encountered yesterday!!

Okay la read on if you want, if you find it too wordy and think I'm blogging about some lame shitty stuffs, you may close this page anytime as you wish k? -.-

Starting off with the "Most serious" complain then to the "Just-for-fun" complains

Complain 1 :

A last minute decision for Kevin & Me to go for our 5th chalet this time round with my classmates. Everything was not going smoothly for the both of us! why?

After we left starbucks cafe in orchard, we headed to Orchard MRT because we are heading to the chalet late at night.

Here comes the rant about that Malay dude

* " Not judging by any race biasness or anything, should there be any chance that what I type is racist towards any religion, I apologise because what I meant is only directed to the malay teenage that made me flared up and blog about this matter and I apologize for my FOUL language!"

Many people should know that I'm multi-racial & a friendly guy :P

When we arrived at the Orchard Mrt station, our walking speed was quite fast because we did not want to miss the train that will be arriving in another 1 minute time!! ( Normal for us to walk fast)

Never did I expect that this time, 1 motherfucking malay teenage suddenly walked past me and rammed my ankle with strong impact; purpose was to make me fall.

BUT, never in the fucking hell did he expect that I'm still able to walk so stable than ever without feeling any pain or what-so-ever shit

The good thing is I didn't fell because I was cautious and reacted fast.
But the bad news is .......

He must be feeling extremely disappointed that I didn't fell onto the ground!

Wahahaha! FUCK THAT MOTHERFUCKER back okay? Nabei!
- I told Kevin immediately and we both turned to stare at him. ( shocking!! , a whole group of malay youth is staring at us back)

In return, I can see his pathetic goddamnn facial expression with unsastified anger!!!

So what so what???!?!?!?!!!

So what if you are in a big group or in a gang?
Does that means you have the right to stir up trouble with intention to others with just that fucking face of yours alone? I dont think so.

I suggest that for that group of malay teenagers or what shit fuck, please get yourselves a mirror and splash some dog urine on your head and wake up lah!!!!!!

So old already yet so childish thinking that it is so fun to play these type of things?
Eg, tripping others, stirring up troubles ...

Face the reality man!

This people are useless! Bunch of cowards.

Please lah! Tripping others and stirring up troubles for others was what I use to practice when I'm in Primary school or even Kindergarden leh!

So that picturesque them as KIDS KIDS KIDS!!!!!!! ahhahhaahaha
Haven't grown up maturely yet!

I really pity their parents :)

Oh my!
Which kindergarden should we enroll for them?

Oh by the way, that guy who tripped me his face is damn xialan can???!
His dressing can actually make me vomit you know?

With the wierd GREEN polo T and the collar all flipping upwards!
Don't you find it disgusting too? Yucks!

End of my 1st Complain. Unbelievable right?
Please note that any negative comments will be deleted straight away.

If you are very very unhappy about the way I blogged about that guy, drop me an email @ and talk to me in private so that I can entertain you personally.


My Ball has burst!!

Sounds so wrong with the title? Dont let your imaginations be so wild . Haha!
This complain will be about what my dad had done to my purplish spikey

You see...

Complain 2:


My purple spikey ball in good condition


Torturing my purplish spikey

My dad saw me squeezing his face and there's light shinning brightly within his head.

Out of curiosity dad asked my how to make that light shines brightly so I pass it to him and told him that all you have to do is to kick it or squeeze it so that the light will shine.

He did as what he was told.

But he had overdone it ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

He treated it as a soccer ball and juggled it with his leg. Kicking it constantly so hard and he shouted" yes! I saw the light already".

So he showed me the light proudly with his big smile on his face!

But all I could heard and see was that my purplish spikey was becoming smaller and smaller and the sound of the gas could be heard crystal clear!


And there goes my purplish spikey :(((((

Lao Hong already (burst) !

I could hear my purplish spikey crying in pain! Up till now when I'm blogging, he is sitting beside me shedding tears because he has burst! hahahaaaa.

I dare not touch him any further because I think if i squeeze him further more, he will be as flat as a washing board lah!

Want to see him live ? I shall take a picture of his sad face now. Lol


See his face? This is what he looked like when I was blogging all this while!
Crying soon I think!


Oh by the way for the 5th chalet, I have nothing to blog about because I didnt bring my camera along with me!

How regretted for not bringing it or else I will have more photos to boosten up this dull wordy entry.

Lastly, I have got a worst nightmare of myself!
My hair is very short now! L-o-L.
Kinda of regretted for trimming it. :(

Bye Byeee!

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