Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Some cute little dollies lost & found in my drawer!

I finally found those dollies covering up with layers of dust within piles of papers in my drawers

It has been there for like 2 years

I remembered that I bought like 4 packets of dollies from my Laos trip 2 years ago, it was meant to be a souvenir for my friends back in school, but in the end I didnt gave out all dollies and I left 1 more packet remained untouched.

How sad.

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The reason for quitting work so early partially was because I wanted to do some spring cleaning in my room & at the same time I am going to settle my misc stuffs ASAP before school starts in 20 April.

Hehehehe . . .

I gonna settle my MISC stuffs right after blogging! [:-)
The room of mine have been in world war 3 for quite some time till now!

Papers, bills, enrollments, drawings, pens, bags all lying around like nobody's business!
(Not going to take any pictures to show how messy my room is as I'm freaking embarrassed to show you guys lah)

My dollies are actually keychains
To be specific of what material they are made of, "wood & cloth is the material"

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The eyes of these dollies really freaks me out!
check out their lashes! sooo curvy woooly . . .

And and, I hate their nose, because they dont even have any nose! Lol

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This doll's eyes is as small as a fullstop can?!
Luckily I didnt distribute this packet

Look how ugly this pink doll can be. To me it seemed to be a voodoo doll with the blue button at the middle of her shirt, it is telling me to poke a needle into it.

Wahaha . . .

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I dont care whether it's ugly or not, I am going to put up for display in my messy room to make my room even more messier than before! hehe

I put some blu tag onto them one by one...

It will be a waste if I dont display my cute little dollies because I doubt anyone wants them and if they remains in my drawer, i think they will rot sooner or later [:-)

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Snowblack And the 11 dwarfs ready to set off for display! muhaaaaaaaaaaa

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Yay! So they were all placed 1 by 1 on top of my wardrobe.
Like this!

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Oh my!
My world war 3 room is transforming into World war 4 messy room now! GRR

Time for a spring cleaning once I'm freeeeeeeeeee :)

Haha, my mum said that my room is slowly going to be transformed into a girl's room!
What the heck.


No work No School, Will go havoc

I quoted this slogan for myself. LOL
This is quite random actually.

But dont you think that it is the same for everyone?. . .
This slogan i think is more suitable for Poly students & not JC students hor?

I know its a lame theory. haha

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Show you guys my new purple hoody!
I have been searching for a long time & I finally found it


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The designs are not so complicated and I loveeeee it

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I look fierce with a bull picture embossed right in front my my chest!
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Some modeling pictures right below!
I am not a professional model, hence if there is any shot that I dont look good, pardon me :P

This is just for the fun out of it.

I am thinking of modeling in the future but I doubt I wont be able to be one because this industry demand LOOKS! -.- *sobs sobs*

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I noticed that what I wore yesterday was what I wore 8 months ago when I was still a clean-shaved monk!

I did wore exactly ookayy?

So i decided to make some comparison between me today & me 8 months back!:)

See my shirt, my watch, my pants.

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8 months ago, I'm still a clean shaved monk that has lost his directions & mindset so I went to shaved clean & do good deeds like helping people around, asking for donations etc.

* waakakaka

Ookayy? This is lame too. ( laugh please)

Till today I think I have moth a lot right?. . .
From a clean shaved monk to a normal cheerful human being

Agreed not??


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