Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quite good huh?

Chalet's collection was quite promising except for some of them!:)
Which means I'm quite happy about that! haha

For any payments to chalet, please contact me personally and pay me as soon as possible before the chalet. Okay, I shall not waste my blog post to blog about chalet for now!

Because I'm preeety sure that all of you have got the clear cut informations across many other bloggers within our friend's network

In the meanwhile...

I guess my hair now is so messy & thick!
And it's time for me to get a hair cut now! ( I have been mentioning & complaining about it)

Any dirty fellow's hair is as messy as mine now?
Lets go & have a rock & roll with our hairs then :P " I dont go with strangers :( "


My frindge needs to be straighten!
Hair is not listening to me, it kept going sideways T.T


I guess my sideburn is curvy dont you see that too?!
It needs to be trimmed to get them in place!


I guess if I have the "feeling" of recolouring my hair, I will colour my hair fully with blonde colour
Or else it will be remained as the same...

Which I think its damn ugly for sure! :(


Oh by the way, you can put it this way

" I'm very freeeeeee now", Because...

I have quit my job already!
Yes! And I'm so proud of it.


I have been working ever since last december till now.
I guess it would be a good one and the half months break for me!

I have decided to re-do my blogskin once I have the time! :)

So I'm free to go anywhere, anytime I want!


Dont be jealous for those who are still working :P

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