Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time check...

its 12 AM now *exactly... ( cheated by a few seconds)

Happy Valentine day!

Just in case some you guys are wondering if I celebrate this occasion,
My answer is "Nope"
Because I dont have a valentine to spent with & I am happy with what I am now :)

Oh yah!, Blogging is my valentine, so that explain why I'm spending valentine day to BLOG get it? lol


I really think that valentine day suck ALOT
Because if you really do love your girlfriend/boyfriend, every single day is as good as valentine day right? or you can even put it this way, BETTER than valentine day because you can spent time with each other DAILY rather than valentine day which is a pathetic "1 day" for you to celebrate!!!

I'm listening to the song " Mad by Ne-yo" right now, which I think its a very meaningful song haha

Just to share a little about just now.

After I left Secondary school, i hardly have any Physical Education (PE) so that means my physical strength has decreased :(((((

So after a jogg with Mike from Pioneer Mrt to Joo Koon Mrt station, my bodyache badly :(
Too much latic acid accumulated in my muscles after a long & tiring journey trip between the 2 station ONLY!

I'm shagged!

P/s: I'm putting my links back up soon maybe next week. I have removed a lot of links FYI

More updates will be done soon!

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