Wednesday, February 04, 2009


A new discovery of " !-TUDE"


A new gadget that I have bought from an online store
Specially thanks to JL for helping me to purchase this gadget online

It is time to change my purple ear piece to a brand new one!
Yes I was hoping that I could purchase another brand new purple ear piece from this online store, but the site says that it had only 2 colours left!!

Which was only Blue & Yellow
( By the way, there is no purple earpiece for this brand)

-Double SADNESS-


And I purchased this!
I freaking love this ear piece.

This is not an ordinary earpiece lor
There is light built into the earpiece so this makes you outstanding from the public especially at night!

You can set the light to blink according to the music beat OR you can set the light to be switched on permanently OR you can off the light so that this set of earpiece will serve as the normal type of earpiece that we usually would use.


I'm beginning to fall in love with this mini-gadget especially during the night!
I would usually take them out & show off to the rest of the people by inserting them into my ears! ( Obviously earpiece is for ears DUH!)

The lightings will be permanently switched on during the night when I'm listening to my MP3 so that this would catch everyone's attention when I'm walking on the street or sitting... hahaha

This is really very eye-catching!


If you are the attention seeker type who want everyone to stare at you till they forgot what is their mother's name, I think this gadget suits you PERFECTLY!

LMAO just kidding!





Apart from night, you can still on your lights if you want in the day time!
Lets compare using these 2 pictures below to see the differences!

This picture below is shown with the lights turned OFF


This picture is taken with the lights turned ON


See the differences?
Actually to be honest enough, there is not much difference..
Because I'm trying to take the pictures so as to compare & contrast them on my blog, so I turned on my table lamp lights on, therefore you can see the differences by a bit.

But if you are walking on the street during the daylight, you can barely see the light!

OMG, AND I even thought my earpiece has spoil because I'm a retard that assumed the lightings are strong enough to be seen even in daylight!

What the F. ish


This picture below is gonna be the most sexiest picture I have ever came across!


F. ish!
They are like neon lights flashing across the dark sky at night...
Not to fear something,

" My ear piece is flying in the night!"

I said this because imagine when you are listening your music with this earpiece and when you starts walking to the living room without the lights switched on, whats more your mother is watching television, whats more is horror movies, WHAT DO YOU THINK IS HER REACTION?

This will surely scare the F. ish out of her definitely because what she will see is 2 ear piece floating without a HEAD & body!

This is what I see myself in the mirror at night!

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