Monday, February 02, 2009

Tell you guys something

( Read fully my content twice,thrice if you dont get it)

I dont know how to begin my entry for now * faints*

I have got like 4 days of events happening at one go and the pictures are accumulating & increasing slowly.

I tried to avoid taking pictures these few days firstly is to avoid posting long entry, another reason is to shorten my blogging time. I'm taking up too much time whenever I blog a long entry because I have got lots of pictures to choose & blog + some editing stuffs!

So I'm trying to cut short my posts also as to reduce the "lag-ness" in my blog.
Last time I used to have like 8 entries per page, but now I have cut down to 4 entries now. So I dont think it will be very lag as before (:

Very wierd right? Many people complained that they have nothing to post about, but yet here I'm complaining that I have got too much to blog till I FEAR it.
I'm a contradicting person. Eg, In the past I used to chant " I love blogging, I dont care but I just want to blog" , But now I say " I Love blogging but I dont want to blog so much".

Wth! Sounds so wrong with my sentence!

A blogger's thinking should say,

"I shall make the post as interesting as possible, and if i'm really keen in blogging, I wont mind the long entry",

" Even if its short, I will still make it interesting"

That should be the way.
I shall learn from this :D

I will now say " Even if its short, I will still make it interesting"!

How interesting?
Depends on what I'm going to blog & my mood will affect the contents of my entry

Alright! :D
I'm fine. hahaaha


I will move on with my main content now
Lets rewind to the most recent happenings then to the past okay?

Last weekend was a busy weekend for me.
I have been to friends/relatives place for Chinese New Year visit.

Look , My red packet this year has increased compared to last year!
I'm so contented! hahaha

-_____ Happy Family (: _____-
( w/o Brenda)


Lets hang up a big smile & say " WE ROCK"!


I was offered by SiLin the Henna painting.
My first reaction was like, "ehhhh.... will it disappear"

Obviously this is not Tatoo so it will stick with me permanently UHH!
Me & my stupid question -.-"

Usually the indian people will use it to paint their hands using this henna painting during deepavali but here am I doing it for the seek of FUN

This is how we start; thanks to my henna artist " Kevin "
which allowed my henna to stay for less then 1 hour! :P


The process of inking a cute little rabbit onto my right fist.


Job Done! The cute little rabbit is inked onto my hand.


Next, I'm going for another picture.
This time round is the "Playboy" logo onto my left fist


After both is done, the ink wont stay onto my hand!
It went off less than 1 hour

What the hell! Its really wasting the henna ink.
But its good at the same time, at least I manage to take some pictures during the process of the henna drawing to show you guys :P

I make sure the next time I draw the henna, the cartoon will stay on my hands for at least 2 weeks!


Moving backwards in time, I went to my cousin house during Saturday!
I was playing Nitendo Wii with my cousins!


This photo is to show off my tennis skills!
The Wii's games are so classic lor...

Most standard game people played is the sports game...
Other than that, there's like " Bully or rockband 2 & more " to play.

Entertaining myself with Wii that day with many different games


Moving back in time further, here to post about me going Jamming with my cliques!
Very shocked to see me go jamming right?


Especially for those people who know me, you must be freaking shock!
Normally I would say I'm not interested in music blah blah & stuffs.

Because I'm a MUSIC RETARD!

But yet I'm now in jamming studio...
Check that out!


Can I be the drummer?
I'm just playing it for fun.

Most probably destroying & Damaging the instrument :DD


And Yes! I'm learning to be the vocalist!
Yarh YArh! I know I cant sing well, but at least I'm interested in singing POP songs only

My voice is damn raw & sounded like a duck * quack quack* damn awful!
I'm not afraid to critise my own voice but I'm sure I will succeed!
Even if I'm not in any bands or something, I will just sing to myself & rate myself until I'm contented



I was at city hall to catch the Chingay


See this resemble popcorn right?
Somehow it looked like to me



Flashing back to 4 days ago ( The last post )
Chinese New year celebrations at the floating platform!



Some Camwhore pictures!

eee! Disgusting!





The cow is so hugeeeeeeeeee
Tsk tsk... I feel like an ant standing right next to a human -!-



The largest Durian in town.
Have you seen it yet?
Oh yes! I have seen it & I have got closer to it...

Next step will be eating the big durian.... anyone wants to share?


I can see dark panda eyes around my eyes :'(
I aged already.... oh my...





Enjoy your stay guys!
Do tag/vote/comment/view my blog :D

Note to everyone : Do leave your footprints ( Tags/ Comments) behind after you have viewed this blog (:

No harm to tag & comment right? Argh, its wont take up more than 2 mins to post a comment/tag in this blog...

I make the effort to blog, you make the effort to comment .. fair?
I blog 3 hours, you tag 1 mins, whose @ the losing end? LOL

I will not reply any tags in my tagbox unless I'm in the mood, or else I will reply in any of the recent post. Check the replies at the bottom of each recent entry.

Tags replied:

Lychee: I went into Ngee Ann poly; leisure & business facilities management :D

Shyan: i tot firecrackers are fun! I used to play that in M'sia

Kaifen: Oh Kaifen... Hello back to you! *waves* hahaa

Artistic: Dont be an attention seeker bastard. -Banned IP- Zz. F U C K Y O U

Banana: hello! hahha Thanks for tagging! Ya popeye mum is very ke ai! :)

HuiJun: I guess I'm still sleeeping. haha! tht time saw u what. nbm got chance then meet :D

Jasmine: Ngee Ann Poly; Leisure & Business Facilities management :D

2kk: Ok! Thanks for ur advice! I'm feeling much better now . hahaha

Jaslyn: heyy assy! thanks... okay you are good.. I'm Goodder ! xD

Dawn: yupyup! Your "too" means? Got people entered the same course as me?

Pearlyn: yarr! Virtual Hongbao also counted? *laughs* I did return hongbao to u hor

Franky: yay! HiFive! but ur course better than mine...

Berliana: Ernie is super duper cute larhhhs... how about now? same ernie?

Mike: U withdraw ur choice?.. hahah fate

Sebas: Then you not appealing?

Cheryl: a little only.. but i still got lose.. :(

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