Sunday, February 08, 2009

I'm sure this is getting famous among us!


Yup! & I mean " facebook"
I feel so lack behind time because I have seen people using facebook long time ago and I think I am like the only person who neglected using facebook

Very funny right? I'm an active blogger who enjoys making new friends & explore new things but yet I say "NO" to the sort of " Making-More-Friend-Opportunities" LAH!

I should have start using it earlier!

"ohyahh! before I continue further, pleaseee those using facebook, feel free to add me"
You can go to my facebook's profile by going to my navigation bar ( on the left of my blog) to add!

I have actually put up my facebook profile badge on my blog JUST FOR YOU PEOPLE TO ADD!
So be sure you add & support my facebook! :)



HaHa! Not to worry, I'm not stressing that everyone have to add me, but for those who want to be friend with me in facebook, you dont have to say no to "this offer" that I'm offering huh?...

OMG LAH! I sounded so cheap like going around asking & begging for people to add me...


Dont get the wrong idea...
"This offer"

I mean is add me in facebook :)



Get started by signing up or else you will regret; Like me .. LOL!

Just for your info, I dont own any friendster account too :)
hahaha! See how far I'm lacking behind times?

Yes, I do own a friendster account in the past, but now I dont.
I hate using friendster reason is because they dont let me delete my account & start afresh with a brand new account and using back the same EMAIL!

Friendster is so selfish!
Just because they wanted to attract more people to sign up, but yet they dont let people to delete their account.
( sorry, but I have to say this. That's the fact!)

Thats why I got fed-up & decide NOT to use friendster unless they let me start afresh.

Next, I would like to share 2 more online network

Firstly is " Plurk "
I'm using Plurk just in case you dont know or you are too lazy to open your eyes to spot my plurk on my navigation column.

Try plurking with friends all around the world! Its very very fun!

In case some of you are wondering what the hell is plurk, for example you can type
" I'm scratching my balls" and anyone can leave a comment at your plurk. It is some sort of updating your personally happenings instantly for everyone to see!

Secondly is " Twitter"
Which I'm figuring out how to use still! :(

Once I'm getting the hang on how to use it, I will blog more about it.


Today I have eaten this gigantic Huge HOTDOG!

It resemble "A 13 inch object!" to me

"Hidden Jokes within my friends ONLY :D"!


Aiyahh! Its sooo late now lehh.. I'm soo lazy to type any description for the 2 picture below!
All I can say is that I went to youth park & capture these 2 pictures for fun :D



Heh! I'm bored till I'm taking pictures of ERP gantries!
Getting more & more irriating for most drivers nowdays and it reminds me of a social studies test during one of my secondary 4 CAs lehh! The paper was set by Mrs Chan & I think I did blog about that in my old blog!

Its so random that ERP discussions came about in my blog entry today, so what more random pictures or stuffs could it be up on my blog? :D

Check it out when the time comes


MORE random stuffs came about too!
Cartoons tiles!


Soft toy; Bears!

Its getting late now.
I cant see the MOON!!!
*screeeammmms for BED*!
Time for me to have a good rest

Alright, I'm off to bed now..
*drop dead & lie flat on my comfy bed*
Do tag me more often hurhur ;p


Good Night Readers! :)

Tags Replied:

Im: Lols! yarh! I use those occasionally too!! Esp Spamnmers or attention seekers.LOL

Ryli: Sure! be sure that you click on my ads too :)

Elaine: haha! but we are all under "built environment" Ngee Ann poly! cyas in school

Berliana: hahaa! ACTION sia me :D I know. haheahaa

Safura: hmm when my link is up, remind me :D HAHA!

Gab: When my link is up, remind me k? :)

Simyee: Hit you back on ur blog. post more often so I can comment more! (:

Long: ohh.. you took picture of that?

Siya: Lols, not you want, many people wanted to change also!. haha EBAY it.

Fyza: kuku la u!... feed me more larrhhhhh. wheres my mcflury?

Xiaowuu: opps! I will send you after I done with these. so sorry :)

Pauline: No problem :D

Wendy: "YAHOO", "Google" , which one you want? hahaa

Quinne: yeahh! I love purple :D.. yup My links are currently taken down.

Sylvia: suresure no problem! you too visit my blog more often. haha

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