Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello everybody!

Initially you knew that I have sent stomp an article few weeks back.

However, many of stompers have given feedbacks regarding the " Drunken Men" incident

This incident have happened so long ago!
Aiyoh.. so I have long forgotten about it le.

But today, someone told me to look back at that thread once more.
( I'm sooo lazy to go, got forced :P )

And this is what I discovered...


The person by the nickname " chickenrice.verynice" commented those lines.

I'm seriously very interested to find out who is that person.
Dont care whether it is a HE/SHE, but thanks again.

Maybe it is my friend?...
Better own up.. hahaha!

I received many negative feedbacks from lots of singaporean stompers lehh..
Some stompers are funny & certain times.
While some are super rude.

See uh, my blog link appeared there, maybe got some stomper hates me come to critise my blog how how? ( i think it is a bad idea.. advertise @ forum larrh if you want. laughs)

Or maybe it can attract more viewer? ;p


A Thanks or A No Thanks?

A Thanks lor.
Since you have commented, you cant removed anymore.
Thanks for asking people to click my ads!

Make sure everyone clicks it.
(Must click Must Click)


I will be



My white skinny is so damn tight lar!
I didnt wear them for such a long time ( sigh)

I wore it to work today. My leg just feels so numb & blood clot easily :(

If I have know earlier, I wouldnt have BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm getting a white khakis.. but definately not a pair of purely white jeans!!
Pure white tees or pants will get dirty so easily.

This evening, I just got some chilli stains on my jeans! AHHH!
It is really very fustrating because I dont know whether if the stain could be washed off .



Guess who is this guy?
( Clue, It is surely not me)


Our converse Advertisment.
FOC for Converse All Star only.

All of us were wearing converse's product.
So... Lets make it look attractive!


Mike, Meldric & Kevin in the 80s

I'm giving my whole family + Grandma a nice treat tomorrow evening!

We haven decide. But most probably it is in Malaysia
My Treat lehh..

So must save cost for me.. Eating in malaysia is surely a smart idea from me... As i can save $, in the meantime, I can order more food.

Reason for treat:

>Pass O level<
>Got my first month Pay<

Thats all for today!

Tags reply:

Jessica: Thank you! Use mozilafirefox (:

Zhao Yu: yar lor. totally agreed with you. Btw, what course you going? NP,SP?

Cheryl: 19th Jan coming? U mean "Family" 1 year renunion? haha

Vivian: I can highlight it

Kaifen: eh? you mean Z-cup niang?

Leslie: Thanks for the encouragement! I got your point :P good luck too. haha

Franky: ya lor.. I'm more to business.. haha.. U going wad course?

Wendy: Make the right course le.but scared regret. cos if kena back choice, i hate it

Alvin: I didnt choose that. did you?

Fyzafify: you cute? then I'm what... haha .. eh no guys want your number leh.

Simyee: i never sae so loud.. i just typed it down. didnt shout lor. teehee ;p

Long: Alamak!!! Then i go put. haha nvm la. try lor...

Ying Wei: Hifive!! *claps* great minds think alike (:

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