Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Headache larrhrh

Headache Lor!

Before taking O'level exam, headache...
Now After taking results, EVEN more Headache!

so when can i shooo off these "Headache" symptoms?
I dont even know what course I am going even though I'm craving for BUSINESS in Ngee Ann Poly. All the 12 choices are to be submitted by this friday!!! & I'm lacking of time to think!

My dreams were shattered when I opened my result slip =.=


Ya, My english is suckie, so thats why I'm showing this " BEST" phrase of mine.
I scored C6 for both my languages.. ahhhhhhhh :(




SEE how bad I have done?
Although I have passed all subjects, but I'm still not sastified!

I think I have work harder than ever this time round, but i just cant get good grades :(
I missed all of my goals for my O's except English.

My greatest disappointment is my Principal of Accounts!
Since sec 3, I have been getting A1 straight... I got A1 for my Prelim too..
But actual O level ... guess what I got?


I got B3...
I'm super depressed larrh! >< >
I dont know what course to go with such a suckie result lehh..




YAY! I have got my cheque for the good progress award & Eagles from school


My mind is full of $$$ now. muahaha


This is the time when we took our results!
Picture is abit blur as I snapped it very quickly in a bit.
srry for the poor quality :D


Alright :D
Thats all for the reporting of my results!
I'm so not okkayyyy




I have got some overdue chalet pictures
which was held last friday...
I have very limited pictures with me ughh!

Sim Yee haven sent me the pictures so I cant upload them so fast. But if I have the time, I will try to upload it.

Here are some pictures from Hong An.





I guess I'm ending here.

I still having headache on the course larhh!

HELP ME leh! ;x
pathetic me :((((

Tags reply:

Loong: ya lor. aiya hope i can ;x

Kevin: Thanks! u too ...

Adel: hello (: teehee ;p

Vivian: average only. i missed all my target ;x

Berliana: haha. mama roach got?

Franky: yarrh! No more worry :P

Crash: erm... sort of? But not every kind.

Lyn: Thanks thanks :D

HuiWen: thanks.. :P wats ur results?

Queeness: Thanks too!

Xiaobendan: Lim . haha

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