Monday, December 15, 2008

I have got a wonderful news to share!
Will blog much about it tomorrow (:
&& It has beeen a long time since I reply my tags..
hahaa! So i shall make a reply now.

Tags Replies:

-Little Miss Wendy: Hello! whose ur Sis & BF? hehe (:
-Mike: hahaha! Sia la.. SBK A1... who dunnoe him... xD
-Simyee: really, I hate being tall. i got mention that before.
-Loong: yepp! way alot of features.. comment me! ;D
-Sebas: ya lor.! Maybe the snap nicer & sharper.
-Dawn: Thats me! I hate being tall T.T hehe. alrights!
-SiLin: LOL . ic thats u. i didnt suan anyone short. T.T Just the way i interpret.. sebas oso. LOL
-Long: haha! THE BIKE damn cool la..
-HY: see u soon too! yup okok only. haha
-Pearlyn: HEllo ! ;D *waves back at u too*
-HuiWen: HELLO! *hifive* I'm good! U?
-HaoLan: HEllo!
-YingHui: Hi! hahaaha! same class somemore. thanks! (:
-Terence: hehehe tough job. cheyys!! JK!
-Vivian: ya damn annoying when they pester u. lol
-Bee Guet: U dare wear outside?? lolols!
-Berliana: HEYO! Ya, i went tanning recently, thats why I'm tan! RAWH! see u soon!
-RuiYang: oh... hahaa! which date?

To be continued tomorrow.. (:
Stay Tuned

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