Tuesday, December 23, 2008

At last the nomination for SGFriends has open & I have summited my blog oredi.
I have been waiting since I started this blog.

P/s: Some might have been wondering whether if I'm a new blogger or not.
My answer to you is... I'm not (:
I started blogging in the July 2006...

This blog link is newly created on 5th Nov 2008. I have no Archive cos I dont intend to expose out my history.. So let november 2008 be the new history for me. Thats all I have to say & have fun viewing! Rawwhh!...

You guys can observe around that I have added a Nomination button right on top of my Tagbox & at the very end of every post... Do vote for me please! :D


Purple tops makes me high!

This was what my colleagues & me wore that to work ToDAY!
They are the supporter of my blog.. Purple is cool (:



Seriously, i simply think that we look great when we wore the same colour tees! :)
ahhh ! Mike & I is the only guy in the office & the rest are the ladies!
(Finding their facebook currently)

Fizah & Yanti is a bully!!!
Keep bullying us! hahaaaa


"Merry Christmas on behalf of Boss, Kenneth which is not in town" says Manager Jaslyn ...
By handling a bar of TOBLERONE to us...

I should comment him as a very nice guy... despite away for a holiday, he still have the heart to pass us a christmas gift! very good...


At times, I really hate them... because we dont get a half day off Even when it is during CHRISTMAS EVE! *sign*

What thing good is, we get to go home at around 3.30PM W/O transport -.-
Better still, we are working in TUAS & its hard to get home ASAP for celebration

Continued from Post 18 DECEMBER 2008

I mentioned that I wanted to take more pictures!
This time round, Mike & me really did hold on to our courage & went even deeper to the dark alley!

Move on & see


This is the 2nd dark alley.. thats deep inside.. all cartons & stuffs over the place


I can even post in that eerie place :O


Left hand side: I went there without Lights on. Its damn dark
You can hardly see my head.. very misty...

Right hand side: I happen to feel that theres switch & I switched it ON!. so can have a clearer view.. Theres a hidden dooor at the back... ( get clearer view at the next pic)


THERE! Thats the hidden door by the cartons...
We cant get close as its all covered up by cartons!
we can barely walked around there..


Thats me @ the 2nd dark alley..
Lights are turned on this time round...
Not as scary as before...

But HEY!, I could hardly breathe at that place..
My mind just went spinning around cos I lackeed of oxygen...
*Arks*! that sucks... its an enclose area thats why...


What does this picture looks like?

Dirty minds think alike
Clean minds think alike

And I belongs to the Clean minds team (:
So its a................................




This is called a "finger coat" ...
I called it "finger condom" for short

Rubber friction thingy to ease flipping papers easily..

What are you thinking of that rubber thing HUH?...


Christmas is reaching VERy veryy Soon!
I'm wishing all of you..
Happy Merry Christmas!
A Happy New Year in advamce (:

So whats your Christmas wishes?...
This is my wish



I want to eat these!!!!!
I'm Hungry! UGHHS





I have borrowed this Disc from brenda...
Looks like I'm bringing this to the chalet to watch it!

Looks like scarry LOR


This disc is from my colleague; yanti...
She says this is scary.. Should check it out when I'm free..
There is
- Pontianah
- Hantu TEH TEH
- Pochong

( my spelling sucks sorry about it)

Looks like I'm bring both discs to chalet tomorrow!

To scare the shit out of them! (:


Lastly, bed-time!
Too tired to continue..


Going to Uncle house for christmas celebration
Going to chalet @ Midnight!!
Will update once I'm back.
Vote for me ;P

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