Sunday, November 30, 2008

I could spare some time blogging..*shoves*
I was out the past few days.. so i didnt even have time to edit my pics or to blog..
Friends' chalet? I doubt that it can be plan smoothly eh..
There is so much so called" troubles" we have to face eg, working, parents dont let them stay overnight, dates for the chalet & so on.. so i REALLY think we cant book last min. Trust me.
Yesterday I Went for a Paintball game with friends @ Red Dynasty paintball; Khatib...
Its so EXPENSIVE; Yet FUN thrilling experience.. 100 Paintballs = $36 *WOW!
Thanks to the guide named I dunoe what.. CHEE ..something something..
K fine I forgot :D
We got to learn the safety rules & tactics to play the game..
I was shot!! OUCH! Look at the picture below.. theres an obvious injury .. thats MINE!..
Bottom injury was sebas's injury..
MAYBE we should call PainTBALL instead of paintball (:
It might serve more purpose with the sports & the Name combine together.............
We headed to the bottle tree park..
The place was very U-LU..
Cowdunk shit smell..
Who wants to play paintball or flying fox can ask me out but provided i must have sufficient
See, The problem is: I sweat like Fuck...
But the game still on.. The morning sun was FIERCE! AGHH!
The mask made me breathless..
really.! I'm not joking.. I almost went out of breath.. perhaps I'm lacking of oxygen..
Cos we cant remove the mask.. =,=
I swear that the next time i go, i must be fully GEARED!. HAHAHA~
Next up, we went to wild wild wet..
*waves to www*!!
One thing that I have to comment about WWW!
(only 1 part -,- LOL)
sounds so pathetic huh?
cant help it :P
Tickets are with me... hehe!
Better treat me good.. or else, ......
I guess I'm bluffing myself as the tickets are used up already and now I'm blogging
Dont make sense right?
I'm lame.. dont bother about me. xD
Lastly, SHARK BAY!!
Ok I'm done..
P/s: Do you guys notice that every bottom of each post i',m lazy to explain or type..
Excuse me with this (:
LAZY rules!

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