Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Chalet has over... I'm so tired..
Went home today at 5am+ with american..
Slept from 7am till 4pm today! as i hardly sleep these 2 days.. so cant stand the heavy eye lids..
Yarrhh! First of all, Happy birthday to Jing Long. Celebrated with him.
I was so wtf when i told him that we gonna celebrate with him at 12am & he ran away ASAP as if we gona BDAE bash him? LOL wth..
P/S: we wont bash cos we r all grown up ard lehh.. haha.. bdae r meant to be happy isnt it? :D
Pokemon CAKE! I wanna play with the Pikachu , Squtile & Laprass..
see? I'm a pokemon fan since young.. not being left out when i grow up ((:
Pokemon Got'ta Catch'em all!
This picture above has totally no link to chalet wokkay?
I just love to post random pics to express out my interesting way of blogging. LOL
Above was slacking @ city hall wif bk & gang...
yeah yeah! below's chicken seems so mouth watering...
hmmmmm Yum YuM!
Again ! haha.. This plate of chicken rice didnt have any link to the chalet...
Like I said, Random picture..
ehh .. actually not.
This photo was taken when the rest of them were riding bike,
-Jing Long
Instead of following them for bike riding, we went to hunt for food... and we came across a chicken rice restaurant @ E-Hub .. Its a shopping mall at Downtown East.
DAMN! The chicken rice was very delicious!
Beng Khoon & Me
Some fun Shots! :
Normal Shot ! Take 1
TAO shot!... Take 2 (:
Act cute shot! Take 3
CANDID shot! Take 4!
I took it when they are not prepared!
Girly Shot! Take 5!
OMG! I look so "GIRL"! hahaha..
I cant believe I did that. rofl..
"What the fuck shot"
Take 6
Stupidd faces.. hahaha
LA-la Shot!.. Take 7 :)
I name this shot randomly .. No idea wats this shot.. dumbb shot perhaps.. hahaa
My own version of amazing race! Different check point..
Question: How do I look? Which picture to look first?
Ans: From Top left to right,
Then second row from left to right & so on... ~.~
Hope you guys enjoy this game ... hahahaaaa! Its kinda funny but they serve lots of meaning of teamwork...
P/s: clues are not always very straightforward huh? hohoho
My last random picture that brighten up my day
I name this picture:
1) All of us are doing different things... we can see smiley faces & Natural expressions..
2) The picture go by this flow... everyone are enjoying ; Styling hair, adjusting clothes
3) There were no plan for this shot. Everyone just do their own things when picture was taken
4) We all love it!
5) Thats why its called "flow" as all happen naturally and smoothly...

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