Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Just the way you are, girl.

" Happy boy (!) or (?)..."


Recently for this semester, I've attended modules on photojournalism and I've learnt quite a lot of things from this module. Love the way how my lecturer conducts her lesson as in she displays enthusiasm in explaining every single things to us.


I've become a better person after hearing many things from many people, many different opinions and many different point of views/aspects. I am who I am and I do things according to my preferences and not others!

I used to be cheerful. I used to be smiley. I used to be popular among human beings. (Let me thick skin a little la!). 

I used to be crappy and full of nonsense. But what is happening to me lately??? I couldn't find a reason for myself. I've became anti-social, I've shown less interest in blogging. 

Some time ago, people pictured me as a "blogger". For now, I wouldn't dare to claim that I'm a blogger, but more to social writer who pen down all his thoughts, views and his daily life on his blog. 
I don't care about fame, I don't care about viewers, I don't care about how much I earn from blogging now. I just want to blog what I want. I don't like to be control.

Read if you're interested in my life story. My silly life story. For now I'm going to share what's happening to me these period of time and READ IF YOU WANT.

But still, I always spare a thought for other people's feeling and I don't blame other party except for myself. I won't stop improving myself to be a better person for others, and I won't stop showing concerns, care and love to all of my friends around me. 

I treat everyone nice, of course if you treat me nice, I'll treat you nicer. If you treat me bad, I won't get affected by it but I'll just think a lot and my brain hurts a lot that's all. 

I know my flaws that's why I don't like people to praise me or thank me so often. 

Like what I learn in photojournalism, we're taught and train to analyse a plain picture and come up with many different judgement, then we've got to narrow down our thoughts, then finally got to make the judgement and the exact point view of the photographer's meaning of why he took the picture.

Same applies to our daily life. We can't afford to run away from problems whenever we encounter a setback. Got to really sit down and talk it all out, solve with a positive solution and our minds will be at ease.

My health's deteriorating and I'm not sure what has happened to me.  ( Know less would be better!) Don't worry about me, I'm fine!. Haa! :)

But for now, what's in my mind is to try my best to make my love ones feel loved and nothing else. I cherish every single moment, I appreciate every efforts. I'm not good with words, my flaws never fails to create misunderstanding to others and always make myself look naggy/irritating and stupid...

I tried and tried.. Hello? I'm MELDRIC. The one and only MELDRIC. The incomparable MELDRIC has his own strength and weakness, his own specialties which others can't even imitate him. I hope the clear definition between past and present will be clear. CRYSTAL CLEAR. (:

I never give up hope...Same goes to the hope I never give up in my photojournalism eventually I managed to point out and look at things differently. Furthermore I even went for a brain tester few days ago and a set of questions was given to us so the majority people chose answer A..... and ONLY ME chose C. 

As in nobody who is in the right mind would go for C... EXCEPT ME. Surprisingly the specialist's answer was 'C' too!!! AND I was the ONLY ONE WHO GOT IT RIGHT. Maybe luck, maybe fate. Whatever you guess.

Face the reality, be nice to someone who treats you nice and move on with life. Will you? :') ...

[I'll stay low for the time being... My concerns for you are overly too over and I don't find the uniqueness anymore. Haaaahh.... Let's wait few days and see how it goes... whether if I ever meant a thing to you or not]

My mind is amazing! Just the way you are... and when you smile,  the whole world stops and stares for awhile, cos girl you're amazing... Just the way you are...


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