Monday, November 29, 2010

* iTable * Have you seen before????

Recently I'm quite busy with my school stuffs. So I'll just make a quick blogging. 

So yup! As you all have seen my title... Are you shocked to see iTable?!?! Hahahahaha

I've got the prove. Just open your eyes big and observe! 


Me playing with the iTable!!! 

Technology nowadays are constantly upgrading and upgrading till we really can't catch up with those latest improvement. Like the recent iPhone 4 which just came out, rumors saying that iPhone 5 might be out next year!

Some say iMat, iTable, i... (ANYTHING YOU CAN ADD ON) will be out...

We always know that rumors will always be rumors. So many false informations.

Whatever it is. I bet I've just fooled some of you all right??? HEHEHE... Just admit that you believed that there was actually iTABLE!


It's just some higher technology place (Confirm no teenagers will bother to visit that place) whereby I've just visited with my classmates during one of our site visit.


It's the...


Ya. This place. Who the hell would wanna go this place for dating/chilling out. Unless you're mad! -.-

In the CBD area and let me show you few pictures to update you guys that there's such place do exist in Singapore!




From today, no more mountain tortoise like me okay? :D

P/s: Those who got fooled, I suggest you guys to use a toothopick to support ur eyelid to make your eyes wider! hahaha! Kidding! Peace man. :)

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