Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 minutes blog post - (When You have nothing to blog about!)

Hello Everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-)


I'm taking a break off from my busy schedule to blog something L.A.M.E

My objective of updating this random post is to give everyone a BIG QUESTION MARK ON ...

"What the lame shit am I blogging about..."

 ...after reading everything.

I aim to complete this within 10mins and I think I'm able to completeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it within 10mins! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! (^-^)v

Actually nothing much to say. I just want to shout this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got a problem with.

I'm so puzzled why people says that ... 
(Image below)


KOI- " Is so damn yummilicious to drink..."

Really that nice meh??? Queuing for 30mins just for a cup of KOI! 

What's so special about Koi? It's just another ordinary cup of so-called "Bubble tea" what............ I've a big problem with it!!! HAHAHAHAH!

However it's damn irony. 

I'm starting to loveeeeeeeee drinking it YET I STILL GOT A PROBLEM WITH IT. Don't know why. Hehe... 

I love eating these.


Walaooooooooooo! Oysters!!! Love it to the max can???! 

Many says that eating oysters stink your mouth but I don't think so leh! I find it quite nice especially these type of grilled oysters found in some Japanese food outlets.

I love eating Cockles toooooooo! (Hump, in hokkien)... Another smelly food that many people don't like it too. 

Yet I love eating those. 

I HATE eating these.


Don't know whether it's called long beans or peas lah! 

These long greeny disgusting thing I hate it most! Yuckkkkk! Got hair somemore wtf. I'm never ever gonna touch these hairy long things like penis with 2 balls inside lah please...


Yuck yuck yuck!

" I love to do things which are opposite " Just like my diet! Some people hate eating those, yet I like eating those. 

I'm so wierdd... hahahhahahahaha got no idea what to type anymore. Anyway this entry is very informal. This is so much more like me. Suits my character well! 

Wheeeeeee. I don't like to always blog until so wtfbbq serious... Sometimes reading informal entry can brightens up your day, true? :)

Peace out! Loves.

P/s: Time check- 9mins 23sec...

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