Monday, August 02, 2010

Bits & Pieces...

I appreciate and admire handicrafts/hand-made stuffs. 

For every bits & pieces of efforts that my friends put in for my birthday decorations, I'm really very grateful to them. Love you guys!! You guys are the best of the best =)

Rock on! \m/


So the other day just like a few days before my actual party was held, few good friends of mine came to my house to help out in my birthday decorations.


As some of my close friends whom I consulted before, I told them I had troubles coming up with an ideal birthday theme..

Reasons for unsuitable birthday theme were cost factors and unrealistic themes. I even came up with the wildest party ideas whereby it's so expensive and I betcha nobody would wanna come to my party if I were to demand that theme. 

Quite a KuKu-Bird idea! Hehe! (:


 Then one fine day, randomly a juicy suggestion just popped out from one of SiLin's ideas! 

She suggested "Mafia theme".

First thing first, I thought it was pretty awesome yaaah? The easiest thing that came to my mind was, "BLACK"! AND I wanna everyone to wear black for that occasion because I believe everyone has black clothings and stuffs!

I even encourage them to bring along their shades! Hahahaahaahha! It brings the Mafia fever totally.

Although we're not those professional Mafia, but at least the *feel* is there. (I think) :D


I immediately consulted the rest of my awesome buddies and they're up for the Mafia idea and they suggested great ideas!

Anyway Mafia is all about "GUNS, CIGGS,SHADES, TUXEDO" and stuffs huh?!...

Everybody was prettaye excited and they wanna come my house to crave out those decorations in no time! (Y)(Y)(Y)!


Yaaaaaaaaaaa, so they came to my messy house one Sunday afternoon and we spent the whole afternoon to work on those decorations.


Instax Board!


Mega Huge Birthday Card! (Pistol Birthday Card)


I really love this birthday setting styles because it spirals up every single thing! Ha!

As in, what I'm thinking during that point of time was... if every single of the guest that I'm inviting wears full black dressing with a shades on, and the theme comes along with pistols and some ciggs thingy, it would be fabulous!



P/s: I'm suppose to update this entry 2 days ago but the stupid blogger is having a bad PMS, therefore I've scheduled and post it today.

P/s/s: I'm going to blog about my entire birthday celebration very soooooooon! Be sure to keep your fat mouse stationed on the refresh button, because you will never know when I'll update! HAHAHA!

Enjoy! Bye! :)

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