Monday, June 14, 2010

For a moment, I thought I'm going to Kiss Goodbye to everyone!


God bless me that I'm still alive

Able to blog this goddamn entry right now really makes me feel freaking lucky!

For those who didn't knew what exactly happened, well I told the incident to the least people I knew man... Felt that there was no need for much people to know more...

Just a sneaky leak: I went for Scuba Diving last weekend at Pulau Aur, Malaysia. I'm struggling to stay on earth rather than going to Heaven so quickly... "with just that little few seconds ticking on the watch..."

Well, even an idiot will know how dangerous Scuba Diving is right!!! :(

Just to assure that this is me blogging right now, and I'm fine & cool! HOHOHO!...

I shall save my strength typing any further. Byebye!

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