Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have you ever wonder what you'll be in...

  • In 5 seconds time?
  • In 5 minutes time?
  • In 5 hours time?
  • In 5 days time?
  • In 5 weeks time?
  • In 5 months time?
  • In 5 years time?
  • In 5 decade time?


My answers will be...

In 5 seconds time, I will be typing down all the questions regarding to this blog post.
In 5 minutes time, I will still be blogging this random entry... LOL!
In 5 hours time, I will be sleeping like a dead log...
In 5 days time, I might still be what I am right now? hahahaha...
In 5 weeks time, I might be enjoying right now at ****** for my 18th Birthday Partye! (TBA)
In 5 months time? I will be struggling to study for my stupid semester exam! :( :(
In 5 years time? I will be in National Service/work! (Mayb with a wonderful girlfriend/wife?)
In 5 decades time? I will be carrying my grandchildren around my arms already!

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