Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flour, Eggs, Chocolate chips = ???

If you all don't mind, I know the pictures below are a little childish due to the colourful background. Please don't get affected by it!

P/s/s: This entry is suppose to be a long entry. All blames on my internet because it didn't saved my blog entry as draft or something. Very saddening. You can ask me why it didn't saved? I can tell you, maybe when I'm blogging half way, I didn't noticed that I'm blogging offline that's why! So stupid of me! :(

P/s/s/s: That's why I'm merging all pictures together to save my time on blogging every single bit of words back! I'm lazy! :D

Baking Ingredients:


Baker of the day!


While waiting for the cake to be ready... We... "Camwhore!"



Now you can see how bad speed blogging + speed picture editing turn out to be?

I brushed out and make a picture collage within 15 Mins!!!

Picture credits to Nyssa & Michelle
Because I didn't brought my camera along that day!

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