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Msn, Facebook, Twitter Everywhere....

Nuffnang- SingTel Blogging Contest

Excited right???

I really can't deny that the title is so attention seeking to me, and maybe to some of you also lah

Even me myself also drools for such a thing leh :)


You see, you see, you see...

" Msn, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Youtube and Blog EVERYWHERE "

What does that tell you?

Obviously with some common sense would tell us that prolly there are some gadget/services that could let us access to internet everywhere so that we can "
Msn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Plurk and Blog EVERYWHERE " right?

Hereby, I bring your attention to:


Superman Singtel + Superwoman Nuffnang?

Where is the linkkkK!!!

To exposed the truth, I will whisper : "There are no link actually ... "


Since Nuffnang is bringing their attention to us about SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan, I shall link them together as a family portrait because I believed that whenever a contest entry is written, it's best to have a significant picture to represent these 2 companies on top of my post to secure you people's attention on my contents!


So have anyone of you really really really wished to have internet access everywhere you go???

Like at certain occasion you can use Msn to chat with your friends and uploading pictures onto your facebook account?

Your rare opportunity is here!
Click HERE for more informations to turn your dreams into reality!


Here are 2 gadgets that currently I can think of which enable us to go online when we are outside! ( or maybe EVERYWHERE )

Mobile phones




We tend to have different wishes like some are realistic wishes while some are non-realistic ones.

What do I mean by realistic ones and what do I mean by non-realistic ones?

In a short summary

Realistic ones are:

" I wish to have internet access in shopping centres, beach, toilets etc etc "

Non-realistic ones are

" I wish to access to my facebook account even while I'm sitting on the roller coasters because I just captured a scenic view during the ride and I'm dying to show them"

"I'm in the plane and I just want to MSN with my friends telling them how excited I am since my journey is so long on the plane "

Let me get started with the non-realistic wishes then to the realistic wishes

Non-Realistic wishes! #1

Seen before anyone uses a laptop/Handphone while sitting the roller coaster ride?

Like this picture below!

Very Ridiculous right?????????????????

Who will want to risk using their laptop while sitting on dangerous rides! :(

Like I said, this is something very unrealistic!!!


So what if you have captured a nice picture like the picture above.

Completely lol-ness* if you are dying to show your friends rather than ensuring the safety of own laptop/handphone!!!

Daawwwwwwwhh! How stupid :)

But it's good to wish for internet connection while on the rides because that makes you out stand from the rest!

Wishful thinking!

Non-Realistic wishes! #2



Obviously it's not sitting above the plane la! I'm just exaggerating the photo since this is an unrealistic wish! :-P

I know that many people wants to have internet connection on the plane because boredom kills!

So to fully utilize the time in the plane, passengers always wish to access Msn or watch Youtube videos to keep themselves entertain.


Webcam plays a very important role too!

Example when you turned your head out of the Airplane's screen and you saw this:


And this:


What to do!!!

Obviously will have the temptation to turn on your webcam and show your friend this beautiful parachute and the nice scenery while the plane is flying...

Webcam requires Internet connection...

Very cool! However, you can't use internet on the plane as radiation will affect the pilots flying the plane!!!

Wishful thinking!

Now I believed that you know what I'm trying to say

There are Pros and Cons for the non-realistic wishes...

If what I'm wishing for comes true, meaning I could access to Internet on the plane and on roller coaster, it would be GREAT !!!

Wish only leh, how can it be realistic! -.-


For the realistic wishes, there are a total of " 7 wishes " of me !

It can be fulfilled if we suscribed SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan @!@!@

Internet access EVERYWHERE you go~~!

* I heard a loud "WOAH with Exclamation" from you guys * :P

Realistic wishes! #1

Shop houses


The older generations normally lived in shop houses

So what they will be speaking is " HOKKIEN"!

Okay other than Hokkien, there are other languages like Cantonese & Teo Chew etc..

I'm brought up in a family that speaks Hokkien so obviously I speak Hokkien too

However if an elderly from the shop house speaks to me in Cantonese & Teo Chew... I will go.. " What are you mumbling about? You mean that the moon is black and the clouds are green?"

because I don't understand a single thing!!!!!


Hence, I really need to go online to check out with my friends who speaks Cantonese or Teo Chew to find out what exactly the elderly is trying to say!!!

Maybe the elderly is scolding me! I must know what he means exactly!!

So I'll have to get online as soon as possible on the spot where I'm standing IMMEDIATELY :D


Shop houses!

Problem solved when I'm online : Know the Languages

Realistic wishes! #2

Shopping centre


You know sometimes we get very stressed up when it comes to lunch or dinner time.

Where to eat, which place should we go, any famous food location to dine during lunch/dinner time?

Headache lor!!!

Always dine at Fast food restaurant... KFC, MacDonald, Long John Silver, Subway, Koptiam etc etc...

So low standard leh!!!

Food not very tasty somemore, everytime the same food! :(

Let's go online to search for FAMOUS FOOD OUTLETS in Singapore! :))

Problem solved when I'm online : Found a nice food outlet

Realistic wishes! #3


Hot girls in bikini!



Randoms: The girl is so hot and I really need to blast a fan in front of me to keep myself cool :D

  • I tend to stutter when a pretty girl speaks to me
  • My leg wobbled when a pretty girl stands right next to me
  • I dare not approach any random girls because I have low self esteem

However, I could overcome these problems with the motivation from my friends!!


All I need to do is to get online as soon as possible and ask my good buddies for interesting phrases to melt the girl's heart, tactics to approach the bikini girl and motivation for me to stand up straight lifting my head with pride and walk towards the girl

With internet access on the beach, happiness is within my control :DD

Problem solved when I'm online : Mastered tactics to approach girls

Realistic wishes! #4

LOST- Need to find Street directory


I'm pretty sure some of you might have gone missing in this tiny little red dot before hur?

Singapore is small, but you can get lost easily. Just with a snap of my finger, you can get lost in crowded areas like shopping centre!

I really need to be using the internet so as to find out what is the exactly place I'm currently in

All I need is to have internet connection and that's it. Problem solved because of the relevant directories up on the internet!

Problem solved when I'm online : Found the location I'm in now; Not lost anymore

Realistic wishes! #5



Jails normally do not have any internet connections because they do not want the prisoners to communicate with normal civilians.

However if I'm able to access to the net, I could update all my happenings in the jail onto twitter!!!

In the meantime I'm able to know my friend's update when I'm twittering, and I will be aware of things going around me.

Nevertheless, I could also Msn my mother constantly keeping her update about what is happening in the prison so as to reduce her worries about me.


I can also take pictures inside the Jail and twit them so as to share with my friend how's life inside jail!

This is very lameeeee haha!!!

But true enough, it's not something that can't be done!

Problem solved when I'm online : Reported my safety to my mum

Realistic wishes! #6



You people must be wondering, why the hell did I chose toilet out of so many places that I wished to have internet connection!!

My answer is simple.

Imagine when you are having stomachache then your HP battery's flat, nobody's in the toilet, furthermore there are no more toilet papers in the male toilet...Not even female toilet has the toilet paper.. No water pipes too.

You only have your laptop beside you...

However if you have a laptop without internet connection, HAHA then GOOD LUCK TO YOU :D

So you will have to smell the fragrance in the toilet ...

In contrary, if you have laptop with internet connection, at least you have a little hope.


Take this chance to access to the internet, ask your good buddies for help!

Like buying toilet papers from nearby provision stores for you...

You are saved!


"Toilet paper is your friend"


You will never know when you will be in this situation because it's unpredictable :-P

Problem solved when I'm online : Doing business in peace :-D

Realistic wishes! #7



Plurk and twitter are my best friends!

Any nice and interesting topic/picture to share, I will always log on to Twitter and Plurk to share it with my fellow friends!!!

Examples will be on this:


While I'm having a picnic in a garden area eg botanical garden , I have this tendency to take out my camera and start snapping pictures of beautiful flowers and scenery...

After snapping, I will have the urge to post online to share it with the rest of my online friends so that they could comment on my photography skills.

That's why i said, Plurk and Twitter are my best friends because they allows me to upload pictures online, thus resulting my friends to view the picture instantly and comment it!

So with internet connection everywhere, I'm able to access to these website to share my pictures!

Problem solved when I'm online : Share with friends nice pictures I took on Plurk & Twitter


“Live Life Online Anywhere with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan! Visit www.singtel.com/youth for details.”

Picture Credits:


Photographer/ Photo editing:

Kevin Chan
Meldric Lim

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